Launch27 Version 2 Announcement

So everyone is asking… what is new in V2? The short answer is everything… but let’s dig deeper into the details. This new platform is the culmination of 3 years of experience, listening to our customers and the industry as well as a year of development work. Our first platform made a lot of people […]

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GDPR Compliance for Launch27 Users

Every time you open your inbox there is a new email about GDPR.  Since we know as business owners you already have enough on your plate to worry about, here is a quick breakdown of what GDPR is, who GDPR effects and what Launch27 is doing about it. So let’s start at the beginning. What […]

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The Launch27 Mobile app Version 2.5  is here and ready for roll out with many improvements and new features. Below are explanations of many of the new features. We also have a team and admin guide detailing how to use the app which includes the new features and can be shared with your teams. Download […]

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What’s New – Fall 2016 Release

Here is a brief list of what we recently updated/added in the new release. Multi-Location – Allows you to create different service locations based on zip/postal code. Here is an Overview on Multi-Locations. Detailed Logs of every email notification sent out by the system – You can now view a log of all emails and […]

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Have you seen the new Launch27?

Launch27 has a brand new design. But we didn’t wake up and decide to overhaul everything. Quite the contrary actually… while you may not have noticed it, we are always subtly editing elements of our sites. When we get an idea that something is converting well, we add it to our list of things to explore […]

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New Features- Jan 24, 2016

Just wanted to tell you about some of the new features we released recently: Beta/first version of our Scheduler   The new Scheduler features calendar and map views of your bookings, as well as drag-and-drop assigning of Teams. This is only the first version… (we’re already working on some great improvements as we speak). We […]

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Latest Features: Dec 11th, 2015

Use Discount Codes to purchase Gift Cards Tis the season! Gift Cards galore, your customers may now use Discount Codes to purchase Gift Cards. This here, ladies and gentleman, is a win-win situation! Somebody gets a Gift Card, and somebody else saves! What more could you want during the holiday season? Click here to learn more. […]

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Latest Features: Dec 4th, 2015

Carpet Cleaning Form You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Your customers now have the ability to add multiple services to their booking. With our new Carpet Cleaning Booking Form, your customers can easily choose to get their home cleaned, carpets cleaned, tile and grout cleaned, or whichever service you offer! This is […]

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How to Do Local Email Marketing Right: Tips and Case Studies

Email marketing is not dead. The stats are clear: 72% of American adults send or receive emails via their smartphones at least weekly. 81% of online shoppers in the US are likely to buy more as a result of targeted emails reflecting their buying habits. email is the most effective way to get and retain […]

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