Repeat business is great for the stability and future of your cleaning company. Here’s how to convert one time cleanings.

Onetime buyers can be frustrating for service industry business owners. There’s nothing lucrative about a customer who books just one massage, one cleaning appointment, or one haircut.

It can be tempting to put minimal effort into the onetime buyers. After all, repeat customers are so much better for business. But every onetime buyer has the potential to become a loyal, repeat customer.

We asked long-time cleaning company owners and Launch27 users for their tips on turning onetime cleans into recurring appointments. Here’s what they had to say:

Make them an attractive offer on home cleaning services.

People love discounts and freebies. Offer a special rate or extra service if they sign up for recurring appointments. Here are a few examples:

  • Offer a retroactive discount on their first cleaning if they sign up for recurring cleaning services. One of our Launch27 all-stars has his virtual assistant call every first-time customer to offer this exact perk. If the call goes to voicemail, the VA sends an email instead.
  • Offer a free fridge cleanout after two cleanings or their first recurring appointment. One Launch27 user swears by this. She says, “Giving away a $35 service—which should cost you $17 in labor—to get someone to spend $3000+ per year with you is not crazy.”
  • Offer a reduced price for the first few recurring services. One Launch27 user put it this way: “Offer a discount of $35 for each of their first three visits. That’s a discount of $105, which helps offset the cost of their onetime cleaning. Sell it to them that way.”

Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Remove the risk.

Many people are suspicious of being locked into long-term service contracts and subscription models—and lots of businesses know it. A growing number of industries, especially media and communications, are switching to risk-free agreements that allow minimal friction cancellation.

Your cleaning company can borrow this tactic to boost conversions. Take a close look at your contracts and agreements. You might remove any clauses or requirements that may feel like a trap to a customer. Here are a few examples:

  • Don’t make them sign a long-term contract.
  • Offer a satisfaction guarantee. If they’re not happy with your services, they’ll get their money back. If you take this route, be sure to have them sign an agreement outlining the exact services you provide. Otherwise, someone might complain because you didn’t complete an irrelevant task.
  • Be fair. One Launch27 user shared this example: “If we take a client from another competitor, and their home has been cleaned within the last two to four weeks, I don’t need to charge them for a deep clean.” If your offer and your services differ, be honest—even if it earns you less money.

In simple terms, you can convert many people simply by removing anything they might perceive as risky. Of course, there is a risk to your business. Some people will take advantage of this flexibility and cancel after just a few cleanings. But many will stick around because they like the services you provide. Which leads to the most important strategy for converting onetime cleans into recurring appointments:

Offer great service.

Every onetime clean is an audition. It’s a chance to do great work and show someone the benefits of hiring you. If you can make yourself invaluable from day one, you have a much better chance at converting a new, repeat customer. With a little strategy and your best foot forward, you can convert onetime cleans into recurring business.

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