Simple pricing to scale your cleaning business

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Monthly and Annual options available
-15% off Annual Subscriptions


Everything needed to launch your housecleaning business



$765/year (-15%)

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Tags
  • Customer Notes
  • Private/Internal Note tracker
  • Cleaner Database
  • Cleaner Tags
  • Basic Booking form with Launch27 Branding
  • SSL Encryption on Booking form
  • Client List Import Tool
  • Data Export Manager
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • Customer Login Portal
  • Cleaner Login Portal
  • Office Staff Login Portal
  • Contractor Schedule Tracker
  • Employee Schedule Tracker
  • Booking Manager with Filters
  • Availabilty Manager
  • Scheduling Conflict Prevention
  • Payroll Manager with Revenue Split & Commission reports
  • Customizable Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy
  • New Booking Alerts
  • WordPress Booking Form Integration
  • Squarespace Booking Form Integration
  • Wix Booking Form Integration
  • Fullsteam Integration
  • Facebook Booking Form Integration
  • Customizable Coupons & Discounts
  • Day Specific Promotions
  • Discount Tracker
  • Automated Email Reminders for Clients
  • Automated Welcome Email when Customers book
  • System Alerts
  • Client History Tracker
  • Client Payment Tracker
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Ability to calculate tax on booking form
  • Contact Form for commercial leads
  • Custom Form API
  • Free Customer Support via Chat & Email
  • Automatic Daily Schedule Sent to Teams (Email)


Grow your housecleaning business.



$1,530/year (-15%)

Everything in the Base Plan plus…

  • Premium Booking form with no L27 Branding
  • Custom CSS Editor
  • Premium Form Designer Tool
  • Payroll Manager with Time tracking reports
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Thank you page Conversion Tracking
  • Twilio Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Card Tracker Tool
  • Automated Text Reminders for Clients
  • Automatic Daily Schedule Sent to Teams (SMS)
  • Horizontal Calendar
  • Vertical Calendar
  • Available cleaners highlighted on calendar
  • View bookings on Map
  • Google Maps integration with Street View
  • Client Feedback Tracker
  • Automated Review Requests (Only the good ones)
  • Employee Rating System Tracker
  • Customizable Text Message Templates


Fully automate and scale your housecleaning business.



$3,049.80/year (-15%)

Everything in the Pro Plan plus…

  • Customer Referral Engine
  • Booking Invitations to Teams
  • Automatic Pre-authorization on Credit Cards
  • Automatic Charging on Credit Cards
  • Mobile App Access for Cleaners
  • Mobile App Access for Admins & Office Staff
  • Multi-lingual App (English/Spanish)
  • Cleaner “On the Way” Alerts (available in app)
  • Cleaner Running Late Alerts (available in app)
  • Team Check in/out Booking Alerts (available in app)
  • Take/Store Photos (available in app)
  • Calendars for Multiple Locations
  • Different Pricing/Availability Based on Location

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“My business did an incredible change after I started using Launch27.”

Carolina Rodriguez | Washington D.C.
Budget Car and Truck Owner | Ecoverde Solutions

“I’ve been using Launch27 for over two years for two of my companies.”

Donald Spann | Chicago, IL
Lake Owner | Companion Maids

“I couldn’t have grown it to this scale so quickly without Launch27.”

Joseph Edwards | Bristol, England
Director | Gleem

“Launch27 blows away any other maid service software.”

Chris Willatt | Denver, CO
Owner | Alpine Maids

“All the work we used to do manually is now done automatically.”

Elena LeDoux | Las Vegas, NV
Owner | Superb Maids

“My business has catapulted since I started using Launch27.”

Cesar Rodriguez | Baltimore, MD
Owner | Just Maid 4 You

“After just six months my business is bringing in just under 20k a month.”

Ryan Knoll | Phoenix, AZ
Manager | Tiny Casa

“Launch27 has helped streamline our cleaning business.”

Helene Carrington | Fayetteville, NC
Owner | Simply Maid Cleaning