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Join thousands of clients freed to succeed and launch, grow, and scale their maid service businesses.

“My business has catapulted since I started using Launch27.”

Cesar Rodriguez | Baltimore, MD
Owner | Just Maid 4 You

Appointment Scheduling Software Features

Pre-authorize credit cards and charge when the house cleaning service is complete

House cleaning clients can see your availability in real-time and schedule service without calling you.

– Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
– Hourly
-Square feet/meters
-Custom pricing

Automatic text and email reminders are sent to house cleaning clients before each job.

Clients are sent an email after each job, asking them to rate their experience. This helps you check on your clients’ experiences, better follow up and increased ratings.


Schedule your success, instead of scheduling maid service appointments

Launch27’s maid service software frees you from the busywork so you can get busy launching, growing and scaling your business.

The Busywork Way. You:

red zero Set up initial appointment and in-person estimate

red zero Book first cleaning via phone or online request

red zero Remind the customer manually when appointment draws near

red zero Invoice customer after work is finished

red zero Ask for a review

red zero Wait for payment

red zero Attempt to set up recurring appointments

The Launch27 Way:

launch27 booking form

During their first interaction at a Launch27 powered site, your customer:

green checkmark calculates their estimate quickly and easily

green checkmark books their first cleaning appointment

green checkmark initiates a reminder that will auto send prior to appointment

green checkmark has their credit card pre-verified to avoid payment hassles later

green checkmark gets billed – and you get paid – prior to appointment

green checkmark receives a request for review as soon as the cleaning job is finished

green checkmark sets up their own recurring appointments

See how Launch27 is changing lives around the world

“My business did an incredible change after I started using Launch27.”

Carolina Rodriguez | Washington D.C.
Budget Car and Truck Owner | Ecoverde Solutions

“I’ve been using Launch27 for over two years for two of my companies.”

Donald Spann | Chicago, IL
Lake Owner | Companion Maids

“I couldn’t have grown it to this scale so quickly without Launch27.”

Joseph Edwards | Bristol, England
Director | Gleem

“Launch27 blows away any other maid service software.”

Chris Willatt | Denver, CO
Owner | Alpine Maids

“All the work we used to do manually is now done automatically.”

Elena LeDoux | Las Vegas, NV
Owner | Superb Maids

“My business has catapulted since I started using Launch27.”

Cesar Rodriguez | Baltimore, MD
Owner | Just Maid 4 You

“After just six months my business is bringing in just under 20k a month.”

Ryan Knoll | Phoenix, AZ
Manager | Tiny Casa

“Launch27 has helped streamline our cleaning business.”

Helene Carrington | Fayetteville, NC
Owner | Simply Maid Cleaning

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