Getting Started

How do I create a Launch27 account?

Simply sign up at Launch27.com and the system will walk you through the set up process step-by-step.

What is included in a Launch27 trial account?

All Launch27 cleaning and housekeeping features are available in the trial account.

Do I need my own cleaning website?

Yes, you do need your own website.  You add the Launch27 form to your existing website so everything takes place directly on your site.

Will Launch27 work for my cleaning business?

If you offer cleaning and/or maid services of some type that require you to go to the customer’s home, it’s perfect.

How much does Launch27 cost?

Launch27 is free for 14 days via a Free Trial. At the conclusion of your free trial, pricing depends on the module you choose that’s right for your cleaning business.

Do I need a developer to do this?

Nope.  Launch27 is designed to be super simple to use.  You can set this up on your own in a few minutes.  Plus we’re always here to help.


Can I trust the Launch27 app?

Launch27 is covered by world-class 256 bit security and the checkout form is also protected by Launch27 Pay’s security protocols as well. No credit cards are ever stored in the system.

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our system uses Launch27 Pay as our processor.  This way no credit card numbers are ever stored anywhere in the system.

Will my house cleaning clients feel comfortable using the form?

Launch27 already processes over $1 million per month in charges through credit card transactions. Folks are used to buying things online now and you will be at the forefront of this momentum in your city.

Do I need SSL?

While there are two layers of SSL available already, through Launch27, SSL on your page is recommended for credit card transactions.

Website & WordPress Themes

How can I get help installing/configuring a Launch27 WordPress theme I purchased?

If you need help installing/configuring your, our theme partner Themestreet will be happy to help and can be reached at support@themestreet.net.

Are the themes responsive (i.e. mobile friendly)?

Yes, all of the themes we offer are responsive/mobile-friendly.

Can I install and configure the theme myself?

Yes. Each theme comes with detailed instructions and screenshots to guide you through the setup process.

Does Launch27 offer any other website-related services (i.e. design, development, tweaks, etc)?

Yes, our partner ThemeStreet offers a wide variety of website services. Please contact them at support@themestreet.net.

Can I edit the content in the theme (i.e. change wording/pictures, menu links etc)?

Most of the sections and pages (95%) in each theme can be easily edited by anybody.

The remaining 5% is editable too via the WordPress editor, however, this might require some HTML knowledge.

As always, our themes partner Themestreet is happy to help if you get stuck. Simply email them at support@themestreet.net.

Manage Your Account

How do I log into my Launch27 account?

You can go to one of the following places to login:



How do I reset my password?

Click the “forget password” button and reset your password.

How do I change my credit card?

You can change that directly in your account under settings -> General

How do I change my password?

Click the “forget password” button and reset your password.

How do I change my email address?

Contact us and we’ll take care of that for you.

How do I book my first appointment using Launch27?

Simply add the booking form to your website, and you’re ready to go.


Can I see giftcards?

Absolutely.  Add the giftcard widget to your page (simple copy and paste) and the system keeps a record of giftcards used, balances left etc. as the client books.

Can I give rewards for customers to refer me?

Yes.  Each customer has a unique link that they can give to friends and be rewarded each time their friends book. Helps to grow your business even faster.

How does the customer login work?

When a customer books, they automatically get a customer login account. This allows them to update their booking, add new ones, buy giftcards, update credit cards, and more.  Self-service lets you grow while offering less human support.

Can I make the booking form redirect to a Thank You page on my website?

Yes, the Launch27 booking form can be configured to redirect to a Thank You page on your website.

This is useful if you need to track Google Adwords, Facebook etc. conversions after a booking is made.

Can I give discount codes?

Yes, you can create multiple discount codes and limit them by number of uses or by date.  The system updates the price automatically as the client books.

Does the system handle recurring bookings?

Absolutely.  Launch27’s bookings can be set to recur every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every month. It all happens automatically.

Can I translate Launch27 into another language?

Yes, Launch27 can be translated into other languages. The booking form and email templates can be fully translated.