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Episode 9: Nathan Michael Boysis of WestMaids

Local Service Business Podcast – Episode 9 Summary In this week’s episode of the Local Service Business Podcast, we chatted with Nathan Michael Boysis about starting his business less than 2 years ago and is now doing $40k per month without a large advertising budget.

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Recurring Customers Webinar Write-Up

Recurring Customers Recurring customers are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why, this year we are focusing on strategies to make all of our customers not just repeat customers (and certainly not one-offs) but recurring customers. Recurring vs. Repeat Customers: What is a recurring customer? A recurring customer is someone that is set up in […]

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Automate Your Bookings with Cleaning Business Software

Automating Your Bookings As you know, Maids in Black grew incredibly fast. In fact, in a matter of 5 months Rohan took his business from $0 in revenue to $30,000 using a variety of tactics. Summary In this podcast with Mike Campion of Grow My Cleaning Company, Rohan talks about how he leveraged the power […]

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Setting Goals for Our Local Service Business in 2018

Setting goals for your business If this is your second, third or more year in business, congrats… we’ve made it through another year. If this is your first year or you are still contemplating on taking the leap, now is the perfect time to begin. Every year we are faced with a new beginning. It’s […]

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How to Start a Local Cleaning Service Business

Getting started with your cleaning business Launch27 has helped many people launch and build million dollar businesses in less than 2 years. Now, a local service businesses may not be super sexy  like a tech startup. But what they are is a reliable way to build a stable income for yourself. If you are currently […]

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10 Things To Do To Get Yourself Ready For The Holiday Season

Holiday Season Prep The holidays are upon us and for local service businesses that means it’s the BUSY SEASON. Whether it is your first holiday or your fifth, it’s always important to get ready. If you aren’t, the holidays can catch you unprepared and leave a lasting scar on your business. Here are the things […]

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Why I Canceled My Cleaning Service for a Preventable Mistake

A preventable mistake I recently signed up for regular cleaning after being thoroughly impressed with a service I used last month. The company I used was a multi-million dollar service here in New York City. Although not the same cleaner I had the first time, my new cleaner was to arrive every other week between […]

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Why The Lowest Pricing Never Makes You A Winner

Lowering Prices You may have heard the term “race to the bottom”. Like many of you, I bid on jobs in places like Thumbtack and I am typically competing against companies that have lower prices than I do. Because I want to win all the jobs, my instinct is always to lower my prices or […]

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News & Updates The Launch27 Mobile app Version 2.5  is here and ready for roll out with many improvements and new features. Below are explanations of many of the new features. We also have a team and admin guide detailing how to use the app which includes the new features and can be shared with […]

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