Can your cleaning company learn from… exoskeletons?

There are major differences between commercial and residential cleaning services. And while many commercial cleaning company technologies may not be relevant to your cleaning business, it’s worth keeping an eye on what they’re up to. Plus, you’ll almost always learn something from their developments.

Today, we’re talking about three big technology trends—from the compelling to the genuinely crazy—in the commercial cleaning world. We’re also sharing the key takeaways from each new development that will benefit your cleaning business.

Cleaning company exoskeletons? (Yes, really.)

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but some companies are exploring the possibility of using exoskeletons to make cleaning easier.

The general idea is that a person’s whole body, or simply a part, could be strapped into a powered structure. That structure, the exoskeleton, would handle some heavy lifting, putting less strain on the cleaner’s body. It’s a bit like Ironman, except Tony Stark would be dusting blinds rather than shooting pulse bolts from his chest.

The cleaning industry is one of many currently experimenting with exoskeletons. In early trials, test users have reported feeling less tired and stiff after a long day of work.

The idea of purchasing an exoskeleton for your home cleaning business is laughable. But it raises an interesting question about worker comfort: 

Are there other tools you can invest in to make your cleaners more comfortable? It’s worth investigating.

Your cleaners may appreciate a lighter vacuum cleaner or a duster with a longer handle. You might upgrade everyone’s kneeling pads more often to make cleaning the tub more comfortable. Taking a little strain off your cleaners’ bodies may be easier than you think—no exoskeleton required.

Battery-powered cleaning solutions 

Thanks to big advancements in battery technology, the commercial cleaning industry is dealing with far fewer cords these days. Manufacturers are putting batteries in all sorts of cleaning machines, from vacuum cleaners to floor scrubbers.

This is especially convenient for large properties, such as airports or industrial plants. If you’re covering tens of thousands of square feet, that’s a lot of time spent plugging, unplugging, and rolling up cords.

Of course, if you’re vacuuming a living room or a hallway, this isn’t much of a problem. And cordless vacuums aren’t exactly a new invention. But there may be more battery-powered options for residential cleaning machines in the near future!

If that type of technology doesn’t interest you, it’s no big deal. But you might be able to save a few minutes per cleaning job if you’re not dealing with cords. If you play your cards right, that extra time can mean more revenue or more room in your schedule. You can always do a little research, evaluate your options, and calculate the benefits.

Eradicating bacteria with steam.

Disinfection has been a hot topic since the COVID-19 pandemic became part of our lives. And while there are many high-quality disinfectants out there, some commercial cleaners have been looking for chemical-free options.

Steam cleaners can sanitize and sterilize surfaces without any detergents or harsh substances. This method has become more popular in recent years, even in high-risk spaces such as hospitals. When used properly, steam cleaners can dramatically decrease the number of infectious microorganisms on a given surface.

If you’re looking to add a new disinfectant service to your portfolio, you might consider steam cleaning. You can use a steam cleaner on floors, carpets, upholstery, and many kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Of course, steam cleaning can damage some surfaces, so it’s important to read the manual before you get started. 

You could offer steam cleaning as a specialty service or wrap it into your standard offering. If no one else in your area offers steam cleaning, it could be a great way to differentiate your cleaning company from the competition.

Thankfully, you don’t need $5000 exoskeletons or fancy appliances to reap the benefits of cleaning company technologies. The best tech investment for your business is a top-quality cleaning company software like Launch27. Launch27 can schedule appointments, handle pricing, collect payments, and send follow-up emails on your behalf. With good software, you can cut way down on busy work and focus on growth—or enjoying your free time.

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