New Features

Just wanted to tell you about some of the new features we released recently:

Beta/first version of our Scheduler  

The new Scheduler features calendar and map views of your bookings, as well as drag-and-drop assigning of Teams.

This is only the first version… (we’re already working on some great improvements as we speak).

We really WANT YOUR FEEDBACK on how to improve after you’ve had a chance to use it in the real world!

Exclude the first Booking from using a Recurring Discount

A lot of folks have asked for this. Now you can exclude the frequency (aka recurring) discount from the first booking in the recurring series. Learn more.

Car Detailing booking forms

This form was designed for car detailing companies and features:

  • Multiple Services
  • Icon buttons for your Services
  • Car detailing icons for your Extras
  • Check out the demo

Lawn Care booking forms

This form was designed for lawn care companies and features:

Change your Site’s Color

Instead of having dark grey as your site’s color, you can change it to whatever color matches your company branding. Learn more.

Send Email alert to Staff when a Customer makes a change to their Booking

Now you can send an alert to staff when a Customer makes a change to their booking. All you have to do is enable the “BOOKING UPDATED BY CUSTOMER”template under the Support tab on the Email Templates settings.

24 hour Time Formats

A few folks from outside of the U.S have asked us to support 24 hour time format. Now you can set your account to 24 hour format in the Settings > Subdomain tab.

Customize more Text in the Premium Form

Now you can customize this text in the premium forms:

  • “Click to choose date” (dropdown menu)
  • “Credit Card”, “Check”, “PayPal” and “Cash” buttons (under payment)
  • The box that says “Frequency”
  • In the “Summary” box: “Choose service date” and “Select frequency”

Please give these new features a try and let us know what you think 🙂