Latest Features

Carpet Cleaning Form

You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Your customers now have the ability to add multiple services to their booking. With our new Carpet Cleaning Booking Form, your customers can easily choose to get their home cleaned, carpets cleaned, tile and grout cleaned, or whichever service you offer!

This is not limited to home/carpet cleaning. This form is customizable to fit whichever service your business offers. Finally, your booking form is no longer limited to a single can-do service.

Carpet Cleaning Form Demo:

Here’s how to add the carpet cleaning form to your site:

Carthook Integration

Looking for an efficient way to capture and send emails to non-buying customers? Launch27 now integrates with Carthook to allow you to capture email addresses as they’re typed into your booking form. CartHook automatically tracks and emails visitors to your site who start, but don’t finish booking an appointment. Click here to learn more.

View a Customer’s Upcoming/Cancelled/Past bookings on their profile

You are now able to see a customer’s upcoming, cancelled, and past bookings in their profile. There is no need to go to multiple pages searching for information all on the same client. All you have to do is easily filter what bookings you want to see from that customer!