10 Things To Do To Get Yourself Ready For The Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and for local service businesses that means it’s the BUSY SEASON. Whether it is your first holiday or your fifth, it’s always important to get ready. If you aren’t, the holidays can catch you unprepared and leave a lasting scar on your business. Here are the things you need to […]

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Why The Lowest Pricing Never Makes You A Winner

You may have heard the term “race to the bottom”. Like many of you, I bid on jobs in places like Thumbtack and I am typically competing against companies that have lower prices than I do. Because I want to win all the jobs, my instinct is always to lower my prices or offer a […]

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The Launch27 Mobile app Version 2.5  is here and ready for roll out with many improvements and new features. Below are explanations of many of the new features. We also have a team and admin guide detailing how to use the app which includes the new features and can be shared with your teams. Download […]

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The 7 Things You Should do When Choosing a Domain Name

Coming up with your domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make. It informs your customers what you do, sets the tone for your branding and should be easy enough to keep your name top of mind when people want to book your services. Your business name and domain name should […]

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Crap… Someone Left Me a Bad Review, Now What??!!!

We have all been there. You are working hard on your business and a notification pops up. “You have a new review from Brian” You hold your breath and open the review. Usually you can count on it being 5 stars, but this particular review is 2 stars. TWO STARS… dang. While having a bad […]

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Why Flat-Rate Pricing Converts Better Than Hourly

I saw this in a cleaning group I am in. Someone couldn’t fathom paying a house cleaner $30 an hour. And honestly, (don’t stone me) I agree, house cleaning isn’t brain surgery after all. We all know how to push a vacuum cleaner around our house and its different than an electrician or computer repair […]

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