We are going to ARCSI!


So, last week we announced that we would be presenting at ARCSI. ARCSI is a cleaning conference held every year that introduces cleaning professionals to new vendors, has training for different certification processes and is a great place to network. Rohan has attended ARCSI faithfully, but this year will be the first year Launch27 will […]

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Why I Only Accept Credit Cards


This post is written as part of the Local Case Study Series. To Follow the Series, visit this link. One of my first jobs asked me if I accepted check and even though I heard Rohan’s voice in my head telling me to “stick to the script” (meaning NO! we only accept credit cards), the […]

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If you add your booking form… they will book


In my month or so of running a local service business, I have learned that if you have a booking form, they will book. While it’s not a fast and true rule, I have found that overwhelmingly, people like to book themselves and avoid a conversation with you if they can in many cases. Of […]

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9 Mother’s Day Promotions For Local Service Businesses


Partnerships Many local businesses are gearing up to host a Mother’s Day event or promo. Attaching your name to the event by donating a gift card, flowers for the table, or a prize can be a great way for you to get local exposure outside of your customer base. Working with any local establishment like […]

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How to Embed Your Booking Form into Your Fanpage


Have you embedded your Booking form into your Facebook Fanpage yet? We think Facebook Local Services may be a big part of local businesses in the near future and we mention it often. While Facebook isn’t currently our go to platform for advertising our local business (yet)… embedding your booking form is free and easy. […]

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How Should You Price Your Services?


When you start a local service business, especially a cleaning business based off of the Launch27 method, a sticking point before launch is where to set your prices. The easy way out is to just make your prices the same as Rohan’s/ Maids in Black. After all, a premium service should command premium dollar right […]

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8 Components of High Converting Local Business Ads


The verdict is still out whether Facebook ads work for local services but as Facebook focuses more and more on them, testing them out could be a major win for your company, especially before the masses start using them and drive up the cost per click. Let’s start with the Facebook ad basics. To create […]

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Pam Washington Talks About Why She Chose Launch27

Screenshot 2016-02-08 00.23.25

Before Launch27, owning a residential cleaning business wasn’t easy. The logistics between customer and staff management made it almost impossible to affordably scale business at a rate that made it worth while. The industry was stagnate as was innovation and you were either managing and hiring tons of administrative staff so that they could handle business […]

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