We’ve talked before about the power of Google My Business (GMB). And today, we’re going deeper. GMB is a powerful platform for building a strong reputation and attracting new customers—if you have google reviews for y our cleaning company.

93% of people judge the quality of a local business based on online reviews. 

Strong reviews are absolutely essential for a GMB page that drives value for your cleaning company. In fact, 93% of people judge the quality of a local business based on online reviews. 

GMB isn’t like Facebook or Instagram, where all the content comes directly from your cleaning company. It’s important to make sure your page looks nice, of course, but that’s not enough. That would be like having a beautiful restaurant that doesn’t actually serve any food.

You need a growing collection of reviews from real customers if you really want to maximize the value of GMB.

Today, we’re sharing three important things you should know about getting GMB reviews.

Yes, reviews really do make a difference for your cleaning business.

Have you heard the term “social proof”? First coined in 1948, “social proof” refers to the human tendency to copy others in order to gain acceptance. In other words, we trust others to pave the way for us and often look to our peers when making decisions.

In the digital age, when social media is king, social proof is more omnipresent than ever. Every company selling goods or services via the internet uses customer reviews to market their offerings.

That’s because people trust reviews above all else when making purchasing decisions. According to Power Reviews, “More than 99.9% of consumers say they read reviews when shopping online.”

So what does this mean for your cleaning business? It means that your potential customers are looking to your current customers to determine whether they want to hire you. You need a healthy number of reviews on GMB so they can feel confident about choosing your business.

If you’re looking for a target, aim for forty reviews. Many customers believe a business’s average star rating is more credible if the business has at least 40 reviews. But there’s no real magic number. The old adage holds true here: The more, the merrier.

Yes, you need to ask your cleaning customers for GMB reviews.

The first time you ask for reviews, it can feel a little weird—but it’s very normal. It’s surprisingly easy for customers to forget to leave a review, which is why it’s important to send a reminder. And most people are happy to be reminded, especially if they’re happy with your service. Over 70% of people say they leave reviews for local businesses at least some of the time when asked.

Not sure how to ask for GMB reviews for your cleaning company? Here are a few ideas:

  • Leave behind a card at your customer’s house. This can range from a handwritten note to a custom QR code linking to your GMB page.
  • Send a follow-up email after an appointment asking for a review, with a link to your page.
  • Have your virtual assistant (VA) or office manager call your customers directly to follow up and ask for reviews.

You can ask for feedback after the very first clean, but consider waiting to ask for a review. Your new customer may not feel comfortable leaving a review before they know you better. You might wait until your fifth appointment to ask for a review. This gives your customer a chance to develop an opinion.

Be sure to pay attention to who does leave a review. You can write them a thank-you note or mention your appreciation at your next appointment. And you can stop asking them for reviews.

If someone doesn’t leave a review, don’t follow up immediately. Give it a month or two before you ask again. Some people simply dislike leaving reviews, but others will appreciate the reminder. Use your best judgment. If you feel like you’re bothering someone, perhaps they’re not your best bet for a review.

No, you cannot pay for GMB reviews for your cleaning business.

A lot of retailers incentivize surveys reviews with gift cards, drawings, and other prizes. It can be tempting to borrow this idea for your cleaning company, but it’s not a wise idea.

Google, Yelp, and other review platforms have strict policies against incentivizing reviews. If you get caught offering discounts in exchange for reviews, for example, your account could get shut down. And that can be a devastating loss for your business.

The only incentive you can offer is truly excellent service. 88% of people are likely to leave a review for a business that provided an “exceptional experience.” A job well done really is your most powerful asset when it comes to gathering GMB reviews.Whether you’re new to GMB or looking to step up your game, collecting reviews is always a worthy goal. You can use this powerful platform to leverage social proof, earn the trust of new customers, and grow your business.