Here are some real-world examples of effective media coverage—and how your cleaning company can borrow their strategy.

Media coverage can give your cleaning company a big boost. Many of us patronize businesses we first heard about on the news. It’s a great way to connect with a new audience.

But being newsworthy isn’t always so simple. Many voices are clamoring for the attention of journalists. So you need to give the media a good reason to pay attention to your cleaning company.

We’ve talked about the basics of public relations before. We combed the web for real-world examples of cleaning companies getting excellent media coverage. Today, we’re breaking them down one by one, so you can borrow their strategies.

Do something charitable.

Real-world example: This cleaning company made the local news for providing free home cleaning for cancer patients.

A heartwarming story of people doing good things is always a welcome change in today’s often brutal news cycle. Of course, this applies to businesses, as well. Generous acts of all kinds are always a good story to tell.

Think about what matters to you and the causes you care about. Then, is there a creative way your company can support that mission?

You might start a small scholarship for local students. You could give a percentage of your revenue to a favorite nonprofit. Or you could team up with a more prominent nonprofit that connects cleaning companies with charitable opportunities.

The ripple effects of charitable giving are numerous. Giving back feels good for you and your staff. Plus, it’ll get your customers’ attention. 

People like supporting businesses that support a cause they care about. According to Mintel, “A company’s charitable giving affects three-quarters (73%) of Americans’ purchase decisions.”

Keep tabs on local business awards.

Real-world example: This cleaning company won Best Service Company at the Scottish Business Awards.

Pay attention to business networking groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce or local business associations. These groups often give out annual awards to local companies to highlight their hard work. Your cleaning company could be one of them.

You may need to nominate yourself or be nominated by a customer. But this is a great way to get coverage in local news outlets. After all, their primary audience is your primary audience, too.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on any “best of local” lists every year. For example, these seven cleaning companies were voted the best in northern Michigan. So look out for places where you can add your cleaning company to the list of candidates.

If your cleaning company is in the running for a “best of” list, ask your customers to vote for you. Send a short email or text with a link and a heartfelt message. Then, if your customers love you, you can count on them to vote for you. 

Become an expert on a specific cleaning topic.

Real-world example: A cleaning company in Virginia recently released a press release on the importance of exhaust vent cleaning. The story got picked up by a significant PR aggregator.

There are a few benefits to this strategy for your cleaning company:

  1. First, it’s refreshing to see a brand offer valuable information rather than just promoting itself. Offering something helpful is a great way to promote your business and earn the trust of new customers. No smarmy sales tactics are needed.
  2. Expertise is key to gaining credibility. Customers are more likely to believe in your service if you can prove that you know what you’re talking about.
  3. Journalists are always looking for qualified experts to provide quotes on a story. So become the go-to local expert, and they’ll all be calling you.

Here’s the lesson: You don’t necessarily have to do anything to be newsworthy. You can also know something.

Think about cleaning topics you already know well, apply them to your cleaning company. Maybe you’re a whiz at carpet shampooing or dealing with pet hair. Use this as the foundation for your expertise-driven PR strategy.

And remember: Focus on adding value, not pure promotion. Trust that people will recognize your knowledge as a great reason to hire your cleaning company. 

Remember that individual team members can help showcase your cleaning company, too.

Real-world example: Cleaning company owner Morgan Wilson received a “12 Under 40” award from the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce.

Your cleaning company is more than just a brand. Every member of your team contributes to your cleaning company. Each has the potential to boost your PR strategy.

Many cities and chambers have young professionals groups and annual awards, such as “30 under 30.” Local media almost always cover these events. Winning aligns you with other up-and-coming professionals in your community. The panache of the win can increase your appeal to dozens of potential customers.

Keep an eye out for what you and your team members may be eligible for, and send in nominations. This is a great way to recognize your team’s hard work. Plus, you can build valuable relationships with other professionals.

Of course, there’s one more strategy you can always rely on: Doing great work. The best PR strategy on earth can’t beat the value of genuinely excellent customer service. So if your cleaning company does good, reliable work, people will talk about you.