Every cleaning company has a different philosophy about AirBnb maid service. For some companies, Airbnb makes up a big chunk of their revenue. Others outright refuse to do it. 

There’s no formula for determining whether short-term rentals should be part of your cleaning company’s strategy. Only you can make that decision. 

But here are a few things to ask yourself when considering Airbnb cleaning as a revenue stream:

How many Airbnb hosts are there in your area?

If your cleaning company operates in a big city or touristy area, there may be dozens of AirBnbs in range. But if there’s minimal tourist activity in your area, there might not be enough volume to justify pursuing Airbnb clients.

Search your area on AirBnb’s website and see how many rental properties there are. A dense cluster of AirBnbs could represent a good amount of business for you. 

If the listings are sparse, you may decide to skip the idea altogether. This is especially true if one of your local competitors has already cornered the market on turnover cleanings for rental properties. Trying to beat them out may not be worth the revenue.

How do you feel about irregular Airbnb cleaning appointments?

When your customer base is 100% residential, your schedule is highly predictable. However, with Airbnbs, most of your cleanings happen after guests check out—which happens any given day of the week. And last-minute bookings may lead to last-minute requests for your services.

It’s also worth noting that some tourist areas have busy and off-seasons. As a result, your Airbnb cleaning revenue—and your employees’ hours—could fluctuate significantly based on the season.

Many cleaning companies have found ways to manage the unpredictable nature of Airbnb’s maid service. You just have to decide if it’s what you want for your business.

Are you willing to take a lower rate to clean AirBnbs?

Small Airbnb rentals charge less than $100 a night. That money must cover upkeep costs and overhead, property management, and a profit margin. Your cleaning company is unlikely to get a significant share of that money.

For this reason, many cleaning companies stay away from tiny Airbnb listings and focus on large properties instead. Spacious rental homes can pull hundreds of dollars a night, which may mean more revenue for you. But if there aren’t many rentals like this in your area, your income potential may be limited.

One other element to consider: Some Airbnb owners may ask their cleaners to take on extra tasks. This additional responsibility could include laundering sheets and towels, which can increase the total time on the job.

Do a little research and a little self-reflection on this puzzle. You might determine the lowest rate you’ll accept and refuse to take jobs below it. But, on the other hand, you might decide that some small jobs are worth it to grow your business.

Make the right decision for your cleaning company.

Ultimately, only you can decide if cleaning AirBnbs is the right strategy for your cleaning company. But don’t make this a gut decision.

Do the math and determine which properties—and pay rates—would work for your business. Then, talk to your employees to see if they would be willing to take last-minute appointments.

Remember: It’s okay to say no to low-paying work. If Airbnb simply isn’t a lucrative pursuit for your business, you can walk away without guilt. Or you may set your criteria for cleaning AirBnbs—and stick to it.

Do you have any questions about Airbnb maid service? 

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