The key to finding and winning more maid service customers is optimizing your cleaning company’s website for conversions.

If you’re ready to grow your house cleaning services company, you might think advertising is your best bet. But you can easily spend thousands on advertisements without seeing much return on your investment. Thankfully, you can bring in more customers for very little money with one key marketing tactic:

Optimize your cleaning company’s website for conversions.

Making sure a website converts is one of the most overlooked marketing tactics in the business. You can run expensive ads all day long and hang 100 doorknob flyers a day. But if your website doesn’t convert, you’ll never see the results you want.

Don’t let the terminology intimidate you. Optimizing is simply testing different changes on your website to see which ones convert more traffic to bookings. Testing gives you data-backed insight into which changes make the most significant difference in your conversion rate. 

As a result, you can continuously move toward the best possible website—and yield a higher ROI.

What sorts of changes should I be testing?

It’s easy to make optimization more complicated than it needs to be. As your cleaning company matures, you may pursue more advanced optimization methods. But if you’re new to optimization, you can start with these three basics.

Make your buttons easier to find.

Test a few changes to your call-to-action buttons. First, try to make them bigger. Next, move them higher on the page so people don’t have to scroll. Finally, choose a brighter color so they’re easy to spot.

It’s easy to dismiss such changes as silly. But it shows that web users are lazy. That means you need to make it easy for them.

Show more maid service customers how easy the process is.

Instead of “Book Now,” try “Book in 60 seconds.” Some people, like busy parents, can feel overwhelmed by the idea of filling out a long-form. Let them know right away that booking is easy and quick.

Use language that’s easy to understand.

When writing web copy, clarity is more important than anything else. Being cute and clever doesn’t matter if your website visitors don’t know what you’re saying. 

For example, your cleaning company might use charming bird puns throughout your website. But a visitor might not understand what “Let us clean your nest” means. So try changing the language to “Book a home cleaning” or “Schedule a cleaning appointment” instead.

Of course, none of these changes guarantee a boost in conversions. These are just easy starting places for optimization. But, again, testing is vital: That’s how you determine which version is truly the best.

But how do I optimize my cleaning company’s website?

A few years ago, Google released a new tool called Google Optimize. Google Optimize lets you test two or more different versions of your website at a time. You can gather data on the variations and decide which one performs better.

You might try experimenting with your buttons first. You can use Google Optimize to test three versions of your website:

  • Version 1 is your current website, with no changes to buttons.
  • Version 2 is your current website with the buttons 50% larger.
  • Version 3 is your existing website with the buttons moved up on the page so they’re above the fold.

You can also customize how many people see each version. For example, you could go for an even split:

  • 33.33% of visitors see Version 1.
  • 33.33% of visitors see Version 2.
  • Finally, 33.33% of visitors see Version 3.

You could also vary the presentation:

  • 50% of visitors see Version 1.
  • 25% of visitors see Version 2.
  • 25% of visitors see Version 3.

Once you’ve set up your test, it’s time to sit back and wait. Give Google Optimize a little time to gather data.

After a few weeks, you can start digging into the results. Google Optimize will tell you which version yielded the most clicks and conversions. Be sure to check bounce rates and how much time people spend on your website. Once you know which version is performing well, you can implement that change permanently. And then you can start testing something else.

Just a head up: You may not see a dramatic difference between your versions. Your winning version may only outperform the others by a percentage point or two. But those small wins matter.

1% is a big number for your cleaning company.

The results are in, and your winning version is ahead… by 1%. All that work for a 1% increase in conversions can feel like a big letdown. But the math shows that 1% makes a big difference.

Imagine this scenario:

  • Your cleaning company’s website gets 900 visitors every month.
  • You test some variations on your call-to-action language. You discover that a small change boosts your conversion rate from 2.5% to 3.5%.
  • In this case, a 1% increase in conversions means nine new customers every month. So within a year, you’ll have 100+ new customers – just from a small change on your website.

It doesn’t end here. You can keep testing small changes and growing that conversion rate. Those slight increases add up over time—and what’s more, they’re free. You don’t have to earn back any money spent on ads. Instead, you pocket the entire profit.

In summary, you don’t need flashy tactics to win more customers. Instead, focus your energy on high ROI tactics, like optimizing your website for conversions. Then, use free tools—or hire someone—to test different changes that will yield sustainable results. 

As a result, you can win more maid service customers and grow your business without spending your entire profit margin on ads.

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