Without a maid software platform, your business essentially runs on excel spreadsheets, online calendars, phone calls, and your ability to remember and keep track. There’s also plenty of non-cleaning-related work involved in running a maid service, so sooner or later, things start to fall through the cracks.

Those who have made the switch to a maid software platform can tell you that it’s a game-changer – even a life changer.

Let’s face it, the more you pour into your business, the less there is of you to devote to other important stuff, like family, friends, and maybe even a little self-care. What a concept, right?

After all, you didn’t start a business to spend all of your waking days running it, did you?

So, if you aren’t using software now, or if you’re dissatisfied with your current system, here’s what we consider the biggest stress busters of a solid maid software platform.

#1 Benefit: online booking and scheduling

This might be the biggest benefit of all because it increases revenue and reduces stress simultaneously.

The scheduling dance you go through without software is not just stressful. It’s ineffective and can cost you business. Take a typical scenario where your ad asks prospects to call to schedule service. That alone might be enough to push them away. In fact, some studies have shown that over 70% of people experience anxiety about talking on the phone.

Heard of telephonophobia?

A good software platform provides real-time access for your customers to make and check the status of their own appointments. No phone calls. Period.

Let’s be real; missed calls could mean missed revenue. If the prospect is in a hurry, they’ll go elsewhere, and when you’re juggling, sooner or later, you’ll drop a ball (or a call).

It wouldn’t make sense to consider a software package without a self-scheduling feature.

Have a payment process you can trust

Once the customer schedules cleaning services, the next step is payment. This can also be an awkward dance. And again, the solution means not only making it easier and better for you but also for the customer.

You can’t afford to have maids show up to clean a house and find that the customer doesn’t have sufficient funds on their credit or debit card. Awkward.

Also, checks and cash are not as effective as an electronic payment transfer directly to your account. This single idea is why PayPal has created three billionaires, loads of millionaires. They were first with the most, but the power of the online payment concept powered their success and that of all the companies spawned since then by members of that original PayPal team.

Preauthorized, easy payments are another benefit of an all-in-one system that you can’t afford to be without.

Maid software platforms leverage simplicity as an incentive

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

Customers like simple. You like simple. So, it’s just good business sense to find simple ways to provide simple, convenient solutions for your customers. The challenge is that it takes complex systems to provide those simple solutions consistently and effectively. This is where software enters the picture.

The problem with running a business with a cobbled-together system of spreadsheets, etc., is that it becomes too much work to run the system and the business. Software isn’t just better for you, it’s also better for your customer.

Your customer wants to burn as few brain calories as possible when they do business with you – from signup to submitting payment. Your mission should be to provide a low-cal option.

The best dancers don’t think about the music.

The best basketball players don’t think about dribbling the ball.

The most successful companies use simple systems and processes, so customers don’t have to think about doing business with them.

A robust maid software platform can put you on a level with bigger, more successful companies by providing your customers with simple interactions, smooth payment processing, and hassle-free online scheduling.

It may even free you for a day off now and then!

What a concept, right?

p.s. If you’re serious about making a move online or switching out your maid service software, head over to our website and let us know if you have questions.