Maid Software Automation

As an entrepreneur, you need every advantage you can get, and one of the most significant advantages available is maid software automation. When used correctly, automation can save you from a lot of wasted time and effort—so you can focus on the really valuable stuff.

A delivery automation tale

In the early nineties, when UPS began implementing the DIAD or Delivery Information Acquisition Device, an electronic clipboard was developed to replace paper and pen records. Unfortunately, many of their delivery drivers were highly reluctant to use it. Some were nearly hostile.

The same objections came up over and over during training:

  • “It’s too complicated!”
  • “Why change a system that’s working fine?”
  • “This thing weighs about ten times as much as a clipboard!”

They didn’t know what they didn’t know.

But the drivers adjusted quickly to the benefits of their new automated clipboards. Early versions of the DIAD software needed to be updated manually. Delivery drivers had to revert to paper and pen for the day whenever this happened. They protested even louder about going analog for a day than they had about the implementation!

It’s normal to feel a little uncertain about automation at first. But once you embrace the possibilities, you can start reaping the benefits. For example, with our maid service software, Launch27, you can streamline your cleaning business with automation so that you can grow.

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How to know when it’s time to automate your maid software?

Why change a system that’s working fine? It’s a legitimate question. Especially when considering the time, cost, and energy it takes to implement an automated system like software.

As a leader, your time is a valuable asset for the future success of your business. Early on, your focus is on selling and building the culture and operational processes necessary. Anything that distracts you from these activities is considered less important. But automation doesn’t have to be a distraction. When it’s done right, it can free you up to spend even more time on the important stuff.

Let’s do a little math:

  1. How many hours per day do you spend scheduling cleanings?
  2. Determine an average hourly wage to calculate the cost per day. Multiply that by 30. You now have the monthly cost for this single activity.
  3. Now multiply by 30.

That number is the monthly cost of scheduling cleanings yourself. Compare that number to the cost of automated scheduling software like Launch27.

Which one is cheaper?

Here’s our general guideline: If you have three to five bookings for maid service per day and two or more teams of maids, it’s probably time to consider an automated booking system seriously. The cost trade-off is probably worth it.

The obvious—and not so obvious—benefits of maid software automation

Scheduling is just one of the time-saving features of the software. Launch27 can also:

  • Collect testimonials and reviews from your customers.
  • Send appointment reminders via text or email.
  • Process payments.

And automation is not just about saving time. For example, customer reviews can help you communicate credibility and earn more customers.

The primary benefit of putting specific business processes on autopilot is that it frees you up to focus on the things that need a human touch: hiring and training new maids, connecting with your employees, and more. This freedom is the real benefit of automation.

As a business leader, you are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage your resources and grow your business. And some of these opportunities are hard to quantify, but their value is indisputable. Employee morale, customer satisfaction, and company reputation all stem from you. If you’re too busy dealing with minutia, you can’t focus on these critical parts of your business. Automation software can help.

The fear is real

It can take time to get up to speed with a new process or automated solution. There’s a learning curve for everyone, and it can feel even more intimidating if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy.

Think of all the other challenges you’ve faced in the past: Learning to walk, learning to drive, maybe even learning to parent.

Learning technology isn’t much different. As programming and development have improved, so has the learning experience. If you haven’t tried learning a new piece of software recently, you may be surprised by how intuitive it is.

Plus, there are endless resources available to help you learn. YouTube is jam-packed with how-to videos, and new blogs are published every day with hacks, tips, and tricks.

The learning curve vs. the not learning curve

Here’s a helpful way to look at your learning investment in automation:

time vs effort graph

Proactive investment in automation on the front end will result in less effort and cost over time. But, on the other hand, the effort and expense will increase dramatically as your business grows without that.

As someone who launches to learn, you can undoubtedly appreciate the weightiness of such a decision.

Here’s another way to think about it: Do you want to run your business, or do you want your business to run you? The right automation software can make the difference.

Think back to the story about UPS and those fancy new electronic clipboards. The delivery drivers quickly realized that the new system cost them far less time and hassle at the end of the workday. As a result, they got home to their families earlier. And while there’s no disgrace in working long hours, it’s hard to argue against the benefits of having more time with your nearest and dearest.

Automation doesn’t just make your business better. It can lead to a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

This week, take a moment to think about areas of your business that might benefit from automation. Then, do a little research to see what solutions might work for you. And if you decide you need maid service software, you know where to find us!


– Ellie