Maid Software Automation

As a maid service entrepreneur, you need every advantage you can get to grow your business. One of the biggest advantages available is maid software automation. Obviously, automation saves you from a lot of wasted time and effort. The real secret is what it saves you for.

A delivery automation tale

In the early nineties, when UPS began implementing the DIAD or Delivery Information Acquisition Device – the electronic clipboard developed to replace paper records and ink pen – the delivery drivers were reluctant. Some were nearly hostile about it.

During training, some common objections from drivers were:

  • “It’s too complicated!”
  • “Why change a system that’s working fine?”
  • “This thing weighs about ten times as much as a clipboard!”

But they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

Early on, when the DIAD software needed to be updated manually, the drivers had to revert to paper and pen for the day. By this time drivers were accustomed to the benefits that came with their new automated clipboard. They protested even louder about having to go analog than they had about the implementation.

We see a similar phenomenon when folks decide to use our maid service software, Launch27. Again and again, we witness the change as our clients move from reluctance to realizing the benefits.

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How to know when it’s time to automate your maid software?

Why change a system that’s working fine? It’s a legitimate question. Especially when you consider the time, cost, and energy it takes to implement an automated system like software.

First, it’s important to know that as a leader, your time expenditure is the most valuable asset for the future success of your business. Early on your focus is on selling and building the culture and operational processes necessary. Anything that distracts you from these activities is considered less important. But automation is not a distraction. It has the potential to free you to spend even more time on the important stuff.

If you prefer to use numbers to inform your decision to automate, here’s our general guideline: If you have 3 to 5 bookings for maid service per day and 2 or more teams of maids, it’s time to seriously consider an automated booking system. The cost trade-off may justify a closer look.

A quick back of the napkin calculation is another way of deciding if it’s time. Here’s the math:

  1. How many hours per day do you spend scheduling cleanings?
  2. Determine an average hourly wage to calculate the cost per day, and multiply that times 30. You now have the monthly cost for this single activity.
  3. Compare your monthly cost to that of a solution like Launch27. How do the two compare?

Obvious and not so obvious benefits of maid software automation

Keep in mind that scheduling is just one of the timesaving features of the software. Automation is not just about saving time. Having the ability to automatically solicit customer ratings, for example, can be a tremendous boost to winning new customers and showing capability.

Often the less obvious benefits can make the most obvious difference. For example, a thermostat doesn’t just save time spent checking and adjusting the temperature, it can also amount to big savings on energy bills.

Similarly, the primary benefit of putting certain processes of your business on autopilot is that it frees you to focus on the parts of your business that cannot be put on autopilot. Things like hiring and training employees. Or connecting with and encouraging those you hire.

These less tangible benefits are the real benefit of automation and why it can be your secret weapon.

As Albert Einstein put it,

“’Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”

The most important problem you have as a leader is to leverage opportunities. And many of them are hard to measure.

How do you measure the benefit of an employee who is obsessive about customer service?

Can you put a dollar figure on the benefit of a happy, loyal customer who tells others about your obsessive customer service?

How about stuff like”

  • Morale?
  • Culture?
  • Reputation?

You get the idea. This is the stuff that you are tasked with creating as a leader.

If you’re too busy running the business, you won’t have time to build a business that will run without you.

The fear is real

It does take time to get up to speed with a new process or automated solution. No doubt – there’s a learning curve. If you don’t consider yourself a techie, you’re even more intimidated by the challenge.

But haven’t you felt much the same when you’ve taken on new challenges in the past? Parenting maybe? Learning to drive?

Tech seems much different, but it’s really not. As programming and development have improved, so has the learning experience. If you haven’t tried learning a new piece of software recently, you may be surprised by how intuitive it is.

How-to videos and vlogs are among the most popular on YouTube. The resources are available for all kinds of learning.

The learning curve vs the not learning curve

Here’s a helpful way to look at your learning investment:

time vs effort graph

Do you prefer a limited, proactive investment on the front end, with a result that is predictable and sustainable? Or, would you rather keep on keeping on with the result of increasing effort and cost required to sustain the business?

As someone who launches to learn, you can certainly appreciate the weightiness of such a decision.

Another critical decision with regard to maid software automation is, whether you will run your business or be run by it.

What those early UPS DIAD users quickly realized was that time spent on their end of day “turn-in” routine was cut drastically. Not only had it saved them time and hassle during the day, but it also got them home earlier to be with family and friends.

It’s no disgrace to have to work long hours, but neither is taking time off to be with friends and family.

The secret of automation is that it doesn’t just make your business better, it can also make for a better lifestyle for you and those you care about.

This week, take a moment to think about areas of your business that might benefit from automation and do a little googling and noodling.

Of course, if you need a maid service software, we know just the thing!


– Ellie