How To Start A Maid Service Company

How to start a maid service company? Maybe another good question to ask is ‘Why start a local cleaning service business?’. Launch27 has helped many people launch and build million-dollar businesses in less than 2 years. Now, local service businesses may not be super sexy like a tech startup. But what they are is a reliable way to build a stable income for yourself.

If you are currently sitting on the sidelines mulling over whether you should get your feet wet, you are wasting time. A maid service company can be launched quickly with a low amount of startup capital and time. 

Of course, like any business, there are risks involved but following the steps laid out by other successful players in the community and putting in the work needed can lead you on the same path as the big businesses.

If you are tired of seeing others succeed while you watch from the bench… take these 5 steps now to get your business off the ground and in the trenches.

1. Join the Launch27 Facebook group

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know about Launch27, but if you haven’t joined the Facebook group, you are missing out on knowledge, motivational wins and a supportive community that faces the ups and downs you will soon be facing. Join the group, soak in the information and get ready for a wild ride. Join here.

2. Dedicate 3 hours/day to focus on getting things off the ground. 

All it takes is 3 hours of solid focus for about 27 days and you will have a minimum viable product that is ready to rock. If you need a little more time, check out our new ‘Launch and Learn’ series. It’s called: ‘12 Weeks to a Successful Housecleaning Business‘.

3. Decide where you want to have your local service business

Whether in your home town or remote start planning. And, if you do decide on a local maid service business, remember to utilize Google My Business to increase your organic traffic. Check out The Power of Google My Business. In no time, the question ‘how to start a maid service company?’ will change to ‘how to grow my maid service company?’.

4. Start establishing your brand

Get a website (purchase a theme if you want to get off the ground fast), create a brand (don’t spend a crazy amount of money or time on this but also don’t skimp on making your brand clean, memorable and unique)… and lastly, get some kind of business management tool. Of course, we recommend Launch27, but get something that has both online booking and team scheduling and dispatch and you will be set in terms of management.

There’s really no reason why you can’t make this your greatest year ever! And one of the things I like to do is to make a list of all the things that I want to accomplish, then a column with all the habits I need to develop to accomplish those things. Then, start implementing those habits in month 1. That way when month 2 hits, it’s already smooth sailing!!!”