12 Weeks to a Successful Housecleaning Business.

So, you’re ready to take a run at a new and successful housecleaning business. I’ll bet your friends and loved ones are asking, “Really? Is now the best time?

At Launch27, we know what it’s like to deal with such questions. After all, we’ve watched thousands of our maid service software clients provide the best answer possible. Action.

We also know that in the beginning, momentum is everything, so we’re here to help with precisely that in our 12-week Launch & Learn program.

First, a little history:

The name of our company came about as the result of entrepreneur Rohan Gilkes. He created a 27-day live tour of his idea-to-business launch of a house cleaning business, which resulted in the development of a maid service software – Launch27.

So, we know 27 days is possible, but let’s face it, Rohan was a seasoned entrepreneur when he accomplished this feat. But, on the other hand, some of you may be first-time entrepreneurs, so…

Let’s give you some breathing room. 🙂

Still, you may be asking yourself, “Can I really do this?” As we mentioned, we’ve watched thousands do so, but to be perfectly honest, the answer to that question is why you’re here – to make the leap and find that you can do it!

What to expect over the next 12 weeks

Every week or so, you’ll receive an email on a topic related to starting a successful housecleaning business. We suggest you schedule some time over the weekend, or whenever you do your planning, to think about these tasks in a more relaxed setting. Perhaps talk it over with a trusted friend or relative and try to get clear about the first thing you’ll do come Monday morning.

Here are the timetable and topics:

  1. Getting Clear About Your Customers and Your Brand
  2. Website Basics: A Checklist For Your Maid Service Site
  3. Your Secret Weapon: L27 Automation
  4. Google My Business Best Practices
  5. Maid Company Hiring
  6. Interview With A Maid Service Expert Share
  7. Maid Service Promotion Tools
  8. Mastering Marketing Channels
  9. Learning & Growing 
  10. Business of Generosity
  11. Power of Community
  12. The Only Successful Plan That Works

Learn by launching

Launch & Learn is the title as well as the approach of this series. The best way to learn is by practice. It’s true for athletes and artists, and startups. The best way to learn to launch a business is to launch one.

You’re not just launching a house cleaning business; you’re launching an adventure filled with emotion and effort. There will be plenty of potential distractions, so one of the most important decisions you can make before starting is to decide how much time you will spend each week implementing the steps.

Most of the readings will be less than 10 or 15 minutes, but the work they suggest will take more time. Decide now what your time commitment will be. We recommend 5 to 10 hours per week. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you block out the time on your calendar:

  • What time of day are you at your best?
  • Which block of time will afford the least distraction?
  • When are you most creative?
  • Can you find a place to sneak away to for study time?

Once you’ve answered those questions, one of the most important things to decide is what success will look like. The clearer picture you have of what success will look like twelve weeks from now, the better the chance you have to realize it as true.

Before you start, stop!

The single most powerful step you can take right now is to stop and think about what success looks like for you. Set a timer. Spend 50 minutes examining this question from every side. Here are a few prompts that will get you started.

  • Who is it for?
    • You?
    • Your family?
    • Your customers?
  • What is it for?
    • Money?
    • Status?
    • Learning?
    • Freedom?

These questions are the place to begin. So, make it a point to write down your answers between now and next week’s lesson. Not a writer? Use a dictation app and go for a walk and record your answers. If possible, use “convert-to-text” to create a document. Or, consider a handwritten notebook to serve as your business journal.

You’ll want to revisit the journal as we go through the next twelve weeks. Remember, you need a target to aim at. The clearer, the better.

A twelve-week housecleaning business launch would be a game-changer for you!

Apart from the accomplishment itself, you will gain the confidence that comes with knowing you are capable of doing this. In addition, the skills you learn will be central to your business and personal success in the future.

This post began with a comment about the current uncertainty we all live in. There’s no question that things are shaky, but where some see only problems, others see opportunity.

For example, during the last major economic downturn in 2008, these companies decided to launch:

  • Groupon – sold for $2.4B in 2016
  • Uber – valued at $47B
  • Slack – fastest startup to reach $2B in valuation (even more growth during the pandemic)

The list goes on with companies like Pinterest, Instagram, and Square.

If you’re ready to find leverage during the lurch by starting a house cleaning business, then congratulations on taking this first step. We look forward to seeing your success.


Ellie, the LaunchEngineer