The best type of customer is a person who is already in the process of completing a transaction with you. You don’t have to find them, you don’t have to convince them… you have them and their wallets are open.

But that doesn’t mean you should just be happy with the sale.

Getting the most out of each customer and providing them with value, while increasing your bottom line should be the goal of each transaction.

So how do you do it?

Here are 4 tips to increase your revenue on every booking.

1. Add extras that people want

Don’t add extras just to fill space. Make all of your extras relevant to your services and make sure they add value without confusing your customers.

For example, one of my most popular extras is my carpet shampoo. It sells especially well for moving cleanings and adds extra revenue to my bottom line while not taking much more effort than vacuuming the floor. It also sways choosing my service in its favor because people like that they can have a one stop shop instead of using multiple vendors (especially when moving out and tying up loose ends is the goal).

Finding extras that complement the services you already offer can not only increase your revenue but help clients ultimately choose your company over another.

2. Have your extras easily available

You don’t want to make customers have to guess what you offer. Add your extras both on your website and also to your online booking form. Have them presented in a manner that makes it a no brainer to add them to their services.

One of my favorite extras to add is the pet option. Almost 50% of Americans have pets and cleaning a home with pets takes extra time. It also however can add money with the owners acknowledging they have pets. Adding this option to my form both helped balance the time my cleaners spent vacuuming under the couch to get all the pet hair out and gave me a little extra revenue to enjoy at the end of the day.

Screenshot 2017-02-07 07.55.323. Don’t just stop after the booking is over

Just because the booking is complete, doesn’t mean you need to stop trying to sell. Add upsells on your thank you page. While I don’t currently offer specific extras on my thank you page (I will probably change that soon!), I do ask my customers if they would like to purchase a gift card for themselves or a friend. Again, adding extra revenue to my booking and ensuring another appointment with that customer or their friend.

But that’s not all. I also upsell in my emails. I ask if they want to turn a regular cleaning into a deep cleaning or add carpet shampooing onto their service order. Again, maximizing touch points to get the most out of every order will make a big difference at the end of the year when calculating your revenue.

4. Train your staff to realize when an extra can be upsold    

Upselling is not only the job of your website. When my manager is manning chat or answering the phone, she is trained to ask specific questions to increase our chances of getting a higher sale.

For example, she asks how they would prefer their carpets cleaned… shampooed or JUST vacuumed. This presents the option to the customer and makes them think what they are missing out on if they don’t get all the extra dirt out of their carpet.

And my teams are trained to recognize an upsell as well. If the refrigerator or windows are particularly dirty we mention that we can do that and the cost of the service and then they sell. They also have a checklist that presents all of our options clearly and highlights our extras. They go over this checklist before each appointment begins and use it as an opportunity to see if there is anything the else the customer may need.

Charming Woman Cleaning A Bathroom's Mirror

Managing my extras

Because I typically have extras added to over 74% of my cleaning services, I need a way to manage everything and communicate with my team so that nothing is missed. I accomplish this by using the Launch27 mobile app’s checklist. Adding carpet cleaning or a cabinets clean to a main checklist shows my cleaners what should be done and also gives them a timeframe in which to do it.

They check it off their app’s list so I know it was done and then they check it off their main list with the customer so I know they are happy with the service.

screen696x696 (5)

Adding extras has taken my average order size from $161 to $206. It has been a simple way to both service customers with things they need and also add more money to my bottom line. Have you added extras to your online booking form?

Let us know how they perform for you.