You got the sale right? The hard part is done and you can count on your team to close a deal with their excellent services.

Check and check.

But are you overlooking your thank you page? Do you see it as just another page on your site that was included in your template or is it a great way to share info that can reduce customers calling you, miscommunications and can result in a better experience for your customer overall?

Of course it should be the latter…

Let’s look a few things you should cover on your thank you page.

  1. Confirm your details

This of course is the main point of your thank you page (other than to thank your customers). You want to ensure that your customer has all the details you need to provide them with to have a successful appointment.

This means details like:

  • When and were to expect a confirmation email
  • Any cancellation policies
  • Where and how to contact you if they need to
  • The services they ordered, when they will be charged and how they will be charged
  • What they can expect from the appointment

2. Survey

If you are running an ad campaign, the thank you page is a great place to ask “how did you find us” is the thank you page. Setting up a survey or even just one or two simple questions can help you determine where to spend your marketing energy and dollars.

Add links to your Facebook page or any of social pages you have

Do you want them to follow you or engage with your community? This is a great place to ask them to do so. Because the rest of your website is dedicated to getting them through the funnel, the thank you page is a perfect place to request them to do something other than book your services.

3. Display testimonials

Yes you have already sold them but people often have second thoughts. To reduce cancellations, show a few more happy testimonials (even better if they are tailored to the particular service they just ordered) and help reduce any buyer’s remorse.


4. A special offer

Even though they haven’t used your service yet, you can still try upselling your recurring services. If your thank you page inspires confidence it could be an easy sell for them to save money on other appointments by adding a recurring booking to their next appointment. Even if you just remind them that you have a recurring discount available, it will make them consider booking again after they are pleased with your service.

5. Ask them to share you

Ask them to share you with their network. Mention their referral commission if a friend books you and put a simple way for them to share you on the page and you will see your organic traffic grow.

Share It! card with colorful background with defocused lights

6. Upsell

They just booked you but they may have booked a standard clean. Now is time to upsell the next tier or some of your extras. Don’t make this a hard sell, but remind them that you have these extras available.

A few more tips.

Remember your thank you page will be the last website interaction with your customer. Make sure it is informative and makes them feel like you are still taking care of them even after you got their business. Speak to them in natural language and let them know what they can expect of you and don’t forget to make an ask of them as well.

And of course, don’t treat the thank you page like another transactional page. Actually sincerely thank them for booking you 🙂