A little background

You have great service and a growing list of recurring clients, but reaching each client is not only a drain on your marketing budget, but also takes time to acquire each.

So how can you hack the customer acquisition process and use your current customers to recruit more quality customers just like them.

Enter the customer referral engine. A customer referral engine is a seamless way for your current clients to be rewarded for referring their friends and associates which will end up growing your business.

How to set up your referral engine:

If you are using Launch27, setting up a referral engine is simple. Log in with your admin account, go to promotions and choose referral program, then create your referral program by setting up the details of your campaign.


Once the details of your campaigns are created, set up your referral URL to your booking page. Once you have done this, each of your customers will receive a unique code that will allow them to collect rewards every time someone books with their unique URL.

Now that that is ready… here are 3 potential campaigns you can run.

1. Holiday campaign

Referrals don’t just need to look like sales. Give the gift of a discount to your current clients while they can provide their friends with a gift card to use your service.

Create an email blast that encourages your customers to give their friends a $25 gift certificate and for each friend that books, they get a reward. Your customers will love it because they can give a gift while getting benefits for themselves.

2. Encourage charitable giving

People love to do good. Instead of referrals benefitting them, choose your favorite charity and let people know that a dollar amount of every booking goes to charity and that they can track how much they earn for this charity through the referral engine.

3. B2B referral campaigns

A strategic partnership with a business can net you both benefits. For example, creating a referral program for realtors can incentivize them to refer their clients to your service to net you extra business.

We’ve used this campaign successfully to sign up 15 realtors in one week, which has already netted us new clients.


Ready to set up a referral program with Launch 27 or have you had some success with your own referral engine? We would love to hear about your success or get you set up with your own successful referral program.