Recurring revenue

Recurring revenue is the goal of any business and keeping an existing customer is much easier (and cheaper) than converting a new client. So how do you keep your local customers from choosing the cheapest deal on Groupon next time they want your service?


Give your customer an experience that can’t be duplicated. This starts with the website and ease of booking and ends with the thank you email. Your customer should remember you and not just that they had a cleaning. This is what separates your company from the cleaner with no brand that they found advertising on Craigslist.

Anticipate your client’s needs

Send them an email when you think they may need you. If they don’t immediately book you after their first appointment, follow up with them at times when your services could be useful. Things like before or after holidays or around their birthdays may be times where they would want a cleaning (or other local service) but you aren’t top of mind.

Recurring client discount

When they book their appointment they have the ability to select their frequency. The more often they get a clean, the more they save. Honoring their loyalty with a discount is a great way to turn a customer into a loyal client.

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The follow up

After you have completed your service, you shouldn’t let more than a day pass without following up and asking how the service went. Think of the follow up like asking for a second date. You wouldn’t go out on a date, have a great time and then follow up a week later (or never) hoping that your date will contact you. Don’t do that with clients either. Asking your client to become a recurring client is the same as asking them to go steady… so pursuing them is important. Directing them to book another service can get you that second date.

Here’s a great email submitted by a Launch27 local business owner in our Launch27 Facebook group.

Want the PSD or HTML? You can download it from the Groove Learning Forum.


Pro Tip

The best way to get a recurring client is to do a great job first and then give them a call afterward and pitch the discount and convenience of recurring service. The phone call is critical. We close them with the standard recurring booking discount on that call.

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