Booking platforms

You don’t build a website to put something pretty up on the internet. Your website is your storefront. It is your deal closer… your website should be a 24/7 sales machine. So if your homepage gets them to knock on the door, your booking page should be what convinces them to trust you enough to come in and stay awhile.

To do this, your online booking software needs these 7 essential elements.

1. Great design and layout

Have you ever been ready to convert and you can’t figure out how to do so? A clear and concise dynamic online booking form that has been created to convert should be your first priority. Your booking form should take your customers step-by-step through their options without making them feel overwhelmed while increasing trust as they fill out more information.

Using one page instead of multiple pages has also shown to increase conversion rates and using things like security seals and credit card logos increase trust and help customers feel confident enough to book online.


2. An online booking form that is DYNAMIC

Having an online booking form for the sake of recording information may get the job done, but using a dynamic form that is connected to your back end that can show up-to-date availability and pricing will not only reduce your operations, but will also give your customers the latest information so they can book accurately.

3. An online booking form that allows you to use discounts

Offering a discount can sometimes be the prompt people need to book your service. Many people look for a reason to book and having a discount code that automatically reflects a new total at the moment of purchase can be the little push that will take them from being a visitor to a customer.

4. An online booking form that is easy to install

Your goal should be to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Adding your booking form to your existing site shouldn’t take a graduate degree in coding to accomplish. Editing and adding your online booking form should be something that is easy to set up and even easier to modify as your needs change.

5. An online booking form that is responsive

We already mentioned a great design and layout, but your layout shouldn’t only hold up in a web format. With over 50% of purchasing traffic coming from mobile devices, you need to make sure that your online booking form works well on both your desktop and all mobile devices.

6. An online booking platform that is automated

Your online booking form should not only close the deal but after they convert, the platform behind your form should keep customers updated, should provide them with the ability to make edits to their appointments if need be and should continue building the relationship process after the sale is closed. By sending out automated confirmation emails and text messages, your booking form will reduce cancellations and confusion as their appointment date approaches.

7. An online booking form that allows you to securely accept payment

Accepting payment online not only reduces no shows and non-payment, but it can also foster a sense of trust for your clients. Accepting credit cards makes your services convenient, gives your customers a layer of protection, and also gives you an easier way to process payment without involving cash or check collection.


Still on the fence with choosing the best online booking tool for your local service business? Contact Launch 27 today to learn how we can help you build a bigger business through automating your online booking process.