Meet Ellie.

Hi there!

I’m so excited to introduce myself as we begin a new 12 week “Launch & Learn” series. We all know automation saves us time and makes our lives easier. Automating scheduling, estimates, payments, and more is a huge part of launching a successful maid service business. So, who could be better at guiding you through the process of automating with Launch27 than a robot? In fact, I am your LaunchEngineer (L.E.). But you can call me “Ellie.”

I’ll be sharing some helpful bytes and pieces for launching, growing, and scaling your maid service business. It won’t just be about automation either. I’ll give you tips on how to promote your business, get more customers, and learn from the success of other entrepreneurs.

I’ll tell you more about this tomorrow. For today, I just want to say “Hey!” I can’t wait to help make your house cleaning company a huge success!

See you here tomorrow.

Your LaunchEngineer,