Building a business is rough. The wins having you flying high while the lows are crippling for your psyche and your drive to continue.

If you are following Local Case Study (our real live case study on building a local business) and starting your own local business along side of us, you probably felt dejection around day 15. Between hiring, gearing up to get everything ready for launch and somehow securing your first customer, it may have seemed easier to call it quits than to keep pushing forward.


Well, you aren’t alone. At some point, every person who is building a business feels this. But instead of focusing on the challenges of building a business, let’s talk about the things we’ve learned in 20 days of building Enjoy Maids.

Getting started is simple

It took me awhile to pull the trigger. I over thought every single step I needed to take and it delayed action. While not every step that needs to be taken will be easy, getting started is.

Getting started is nothing more than adjusting your mindset and taking the plunge.

You need processes and systems

Once you get started, there are a lot of different pieces of the puzzle that you need to manage daily. Of course, booking and scheduling is handled by Launch 27, but there are myriad of other small things that a clear set of systems can help you make your business run more efficiently.

Implementing processes from the onset of your business gets it started on the right foot.

You are working with people

No matter which methods you follow and which systems you set up, always remember you are dealing with people. Whether it is your clients or your contractors, everything you do should be human-centric.

Hiring is going to be hard and there are definitely systems you can put in place to ease the process, but nothing can replace good, clear communication.

We Are Hiring on Business Card Male Hand in Yellow Leather Construction Working Protective Gloves Holding Card with Rounded Corners.

The same goes with clients. You can create SEO copy on your site or write proposals with the right keywords and prices, but remember you are speaking to humans and you should always strive to connect emotionally.

So what’s next? While building a business is exhilarating (especially with the world to watch) perseverance and working smart is key. If you haven’t yet started following Local Case Study yet, start with this episode and follow along as we struggle, win and build on our quest to build the next million dollar local business.