Are you ready to choose a cleaning company platform? Here are a few important questions to ask to help you make the right decision.

What does your cleaning company need?

Think about what challenges or roadblocks you’re facing right now. Maybe you need help with:

  • Managing your team’s schedules.
  • Sending out reminders and other communications to your clients.
  • Collecting online payments.
  • Creating organized, useful reports.

Figure out what you need most from your cleaning company software. When you’re reviewing different options, be sure to look closely at their features and integrations to see if they have the functionality you want.

What do your customers need?

People hire a cleaning company because they need their busy lives to be easier. You and your cleaning company bring real value to your customers by taking care of their homes and giving them back their time. When you invest in a cleaning company software, it’s important to make sure that the software you choose helps your customers too.

Think about the feedback you’ve heard from your customers. Maybe they want:

  • A reminder text or email every time you’re coming to clean their home.
  • The option to pay automatically instead of having to get cash or pull out their credit card every time.
  • An easy way to schedule or reschedule cleaning appointments from their phones.
  • A place to buy gift cards so they can treat their friends or family members to a sparkling clean home.

Your cleaning company software should help you serve your clients even better. Check the websites of all your software options to make sure they have the features you’re looking for that will make your clients happy.


What does the future of your cleaning company look like?

If your cleaning company is growing, you need software that will not only grow with you but also make it easier for you to grow. A good software program should handle the time-consuming details for you: schedules, payments, appointment reminders, and more. With these tasks off your plate, you’ll be able to focus your energy on finding new clients, hiring new team members, and growing your business.

You can usually find a few testimonials on a software platform’s website. Google the other cleaning companies using the software programs you’re considering. Are they similar in size to your company? Do you see them as aspirational? Do the testimonials say anything about growth? Keep an eye out for clues like these so you can choose a cleaning company software that will help you meet and exceed your business goals for a long time.

Is a cleaning company platform worth it?

By purchasing or subscribing to a cleaning company software, you are making a financial investment in your business. It’s so important to make sure that you’re getting a return on this investment. In other words, you need to get your money’s worth.

Based on your research, you should ask yourself: Does this software cost more or less than the value it gives me? Think carefully about how much time and effort a software program will save you, based on its features, and ask yourself whether that price is fair. The success of small businesses relies on careful decisions and smart investments, so take your time to do some calculations so you can choose the right cleaning company platform.

Cleaning company software is an exciting investment that could free up a lot of time and energy for you to focus on other parts of your business. Embrace the process of reviewing your options, identifying your priorities, and choosing the best software to help your cleaning company succeed and grow.