Selling maid service gift cards during the holiday season is a fun and festive way to grow your cleaning business. You can make gift-giving easy for your customers—and perhaps even land some new ones.

Four reasons to run a holiday campaign for gift cards

  1. We’re headed into another holiday season defined by unpredictable supply chains. Ordering physical gifts in time for the holidays is going to be tough. Offering a locally-sourced gift that doesn’t rely on supply chains is a great alternative. Plus, experiential gifts are becoming increasingly popular. A gift card for cleaning services is the gift of free time!
  2. It’s easy and inexpensive to run a gift card campaign. You can invest in social media ads if you want, but it’s not necessary. You can use your existing marketing tools: email, social media, your website. The return on investment can be very, very high. In fact…
  3. You can tap into your most valuable marketing asset: your happy customers. If they’re truly satisfied with your work, they won’t hesitate to talk about you—or buy a gift card. Gift cards are easy, no-hassle gifts, so it’s a convenient option for them as well.
  4. A gift card gives someone a no-risk chance to sample your services. If someone has been thinking about hiring a cleaning company, a one-time trial is the perfect entry-level option. Everyone who receives a gift card is a potential new customer for you and now’s your chance to audition. If you can show them how valuable your services are in just one session, they’ll hire you back.

Tips for a successful holiday campaign for maid service gift cards

We wrote an in-depth guide to selling gift cards earlier this year with lots of detail. But here are a few top tips to keep in mind.

Create a charming graphic and a central landing page on your cleaning company’s website.

You’re probably going to run your campaign for a few weeks. Use the same graphic the entire time, so people become familiar with it and it stays top of mind. You can use Canva or another free online tool to make something eye-catching without needing a design degree.

If you want to review the results of your campaign after the season is over, consider a landing page. A campaign-specific landing page will deliver the tidiest analytics on the success of your campaign. Of course, you can use your regular gift card webpage too. Just be sure to change the graphics for the season to reflect the campaign.

Find the right angle for your cleaning business.

You can choose between a few different central messages when promoting holiday gift cards for cleaning services. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Help your friends prep for the holiday season: Give them a gift card for Annie’s Cleaning Company.
  • Erase the mess, keep the memories: This holiday season, give a gift card for Annie’s Cleaning Services.
  • Give the gift of a sparkling clean New Year: Give your loved ones a gift card for Annie’s Cleaning Company.

Have fun with a message that feels right for you. The purpose is to illustrate the possibilities of how meaningful a gift card can be as a gift.

Hit up all your cleaning company’s marketing channels.

Don’t save your campaign for social media alone. Send out a few emails and post about it on your website. If you’re friends with anyone in local media, see if they’ll add you to a gift guide or roundup article.

Be sure to let your current clients know! Drop off a flyer, send an email or friendly text—however you communicate with them most often. You might even offer them a discount if they buy multiple gift cards.

Incentivize the campaign.

Find a way to offer a reward to anyone who buys a gift card. The easiest strategy here is to enter everyone who buys a gift card into a drawing for a prize. Here are a few prizes to consider:

  • Offer a free cleaning session.
  • Give them a free add-on, such as carpet cleaning or other specialty services.
  • Consider a gift card to a favorite local coffee shop or restaurant.

You might even partner up with another local business for this. Perhaps the winner gets a free cleaning session and a free mow from a local lawn maintenance company.

Selling gift cards is a great way to grow your cleaning business and celebrate the holiday season. With a smart campaign and a little strategy, you might just bring in some new loyal customers.