The gift of a clean home and an afternoon free of chores is a gift any parent would love to receive. That’s why Mother’s Day is an excellent time to sell gift cards for your cleaning business.

You don’t need physical gift cards or an extra app. Launch27, a software service for cleaning businesses has an easy-to-use gift card widget that you can easily customize and add to your website yourself. Your customer just needs to fill out a short form, and the recipient will get an email with details about how to redeem their gift card.

A successful marketing campaign for Mother’s Day gift cards can lead to extra revenue and possibly new customers. So we put together this quick guide to help you leverage this special holiday.

1. Create a landing page just for gift cards.

Your gift card widget needs its own dedicated page on your website. This makes it easy for your customers to find it. It also gives you the flexibility to customize the page for Mother’s Day.

This is an example of a beautiful landing page dedicated to selling gift cards. The messaging is clear, the image is engaging, and the page isn’t cluttered with other items.

2. Tailor your gift card purchasing experience to your business.

Once you have your landing page and your gift card widget built, there are a few ways to optimize.

  • Keep your form short. Only ask for the information you need: The purchaser’s name, the recipient’s name, the recipient’s email address, and the desired gift amount. Keeping it simple will increase your conversion rate.
  • Make it easy to redeem. Use a simple coupon code and the Launch27 gift card widget for a seamless transaction for the gift recipient. Remember that even this small step plays a role in the customer’s experience.
  • Choose preset dollar amounts that match your pricing. Don’t make your customers choose an arbitrary dollar amount. Give them a few choices that align with your service offerings so it’s easy for them to choose what they want.

3. Make your gift card page easy to find.

Your gift card link shouldn’t just be in your footer or buried under a list of services. Add a link to your gift card page at the top of your homepage so it’s easy for your customers to find it. This is especially important if you’re running a promotion and encouraging people to visit your website to buy gift cards.

4. Be clear and consistent with your offer.

Don’t confuse your customers with complicated sales or discounts. Make sure your offer is easy to understand and that the message on the landing page matches any email campaigns, ads, or social media posts.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Give Mom a break from cleaning this Mother’s Day and book a standard cleaning service from Mama Bear Cleaners.
  • Save 10% when you buy a Mama Bear Cleaners gift card for three wonderful moms in your life.
  • Star treatment for Mom this Mother’s Day: Purchase a gift card for a deluxe cleaning service at 20% off the everyday price.

5. Email your customers to promote Mother’s Day gift cards

One of your best strategies for selling Mother’s Day gift cards is targeting your existing audience. Create a simple, branded email with one clear message and a big call-to-action button or link. Because these people already know and trust you, you are likely to get a good response.

Tip: You can send more than one email to promote a special campaign like Mother’s Day. We recommend sending two or three. And remember that gift cards are great last-minute gifts. Sending a final email the Friday or Saturday before Mother’s Day – with a subject line like “Still need a gift for Mother’s Day?” – can be a great strategy.

6. Get creative with additional marketing.

Your email list isn’t the only place to encourage gift card sales for Mother’s Day. Consider running online ads, posting on social media, or placing an ad in a local newspaper.

Facebook and Google make it easy for beginners to create and test an inexpensive ad campaign to your target audience. Be sure to limit your ads to your city or region to ensure that you’re not spending money on the wrong audience, and turn off the ad after Mother’s Day is over.

7. Follow up with your customers.

Send a thoughtful email to your customers who purchase gift cards for Mother’s Day to thank them for their business. You can offer them a discount on their next appointment or a special offer to upgrade from a standard to a deluxe service. These are important elements of the customer service experience, so make sure to give them the time and care they deserve.

Mother’s Day is an excellent time to promote your cleaning business by selling gift cards. Launch27 offers you the tools and functionality you need to make it easy and seamless for your customers to buy gift cards for the wonderful mothers in their lives.

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