Here are 5 local businesses and the checklist you need to start them

It’s 2016 and you may be on the fence about starting a business. Often times we hear two excuses… you don’t know how and you don’t have the money.

Well, in business it takes money to make money but with a local business, the cost of entry is much less. Below is a how you can start the new year with a new business for less than $1500.


Dog Walking




Lawn Care


  1. Name: Make sure you choose a name that clearly explains the service you are offering.
  2.  Website: You can use a Launch27 theme or hire a designer and developer via Upwork or 99Designs.
  3. Domain: Register your domain on Namecheap.
  4. Launch27: The easiest way to allow clients to book online and manage your bookings in real time $59 per month.
  5. Hiring: You can post on Craigslist to find workers who are already doing the work you plan to do and pay them a percentage for each job they work.
  6. Social Media: Set up your Facebook Fan page, Yelp account, Thumbtack account and Google Listing.
  7. Advertising budget: This will vary depending on where and how you advertise.
  8. Local phone number
  9. Equipment: If you find contractors that are already providing the service you will be offering, they should already have the equipment needed.
  10. EIN: Registering your EIN is simple. If in the US, go to the IRS website and apply for one.
  11. Bank Account: Opening your bank account should be free. You can open one once you have your EIN.

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