Embedding Booking Form into Facebook

Have you embedded your Booking form into your Facebook Fanpage yet? We think Facebook Local Services may be a big part of local businesses in the near future and we mention it often.

While Facebook isn’t currently our go to platform for advertising our local business (yet)… embedding your booking form is free and easy. It also takes once less step out of the process of getting your customer to convert. If they are already on Facebook, why not have them book there too?

Here’s how

How to Add a Booking Form to your Facebook Page from Launch 27 on Vimeo.

  1. First you are going to search apps and install the Static HTML iFrame Tabs. This will allow you to add HTML content to your Facebook Fanpage.
  2. Open your new HTML Tab and rename it (it should be called Welcome).
  3. Open the tab by clicking on it. Once it is open, paste your booking form code into the tab.
  4. You can then preview the tab and make minor spacing customizations.

And you’re done. People can now book right from your Facebook Fanpage.