Below are four emails you should be sending this holiday season.

It’s the fourth quarter and by January 1st, you should be swimming in a sea of gold coins. You see, the fourth quarter can make (or break) your business. As people are full of eggnog and holiday cheer, purse strings loosen and people are looking for great ways to reward employees, thank clients or give to friends and family members.

If you have followed our success, you’ve seen how email has transformed a regular day into a $10k + day by emailing past customers who haven’t booked in a while.

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Because converting a warm lead is much easier (and cheaper) than converting cold traffic, you can understand why we are all about email marketing. Your past customer list is a treasure trove of booking appointments… you just need to reach out to them.

So how do you hook them?

1. Subject Line: Give the gift of clean (can be used for dog walking, lawn care etc…)

3 day reminder

Everyone is looking for something to give to people during this time of the year. By encouraging your customers to give friends and family the gift of clean, not only are you gaining a sale, but you are potentially gaining a recurring customer. You don’t have to offer an incentive, but if you do, consider offering your current customer something when their friend books their second appointment.

2. Subject Line: The holidays are busy… let us help you prepare


Reasoning with potential customers is the best way to get them to purchase. People like for you to give them a justification to buy and helping them realize they are too busy is a great one. Again, offering an incentive isn’t necessary, but if you do, perhaps offering them a 24-hour credit to their account for a booking between now and New Years will help them commit quickly.

3. Subject Line: Start the New Year off right

New year


Yep. Just like people commit to going to the gym, they also commit to a clean house. You are helping (or guilting whatever works) them into making the right decision.

This is a good time to make a pitch for frequency discounts. Hook them early when they are full of holiday cheer and you can become their staple for the whole year.

4. Subject Line: A look back at the year


The holidays are a great time to connect with your customers. Sharing your story or being transparent about your year can make customers want to do more business with you in the New Year. Also, telling them what’s coming up for you next (new services, new locations, new features) will keep customers excited and engaged.

Many Saas Apps do this really well in both email and web form.

What’s the next step?

Setting up your emails. We use Mailchimp to send out our special campaigns like any of the above.

Also, take note… while its great to email past customers, setting up some type of list generation app can also help you grab warm leads from those who have visited your site, but haven’t converted just yet. Again, generating an email list is cheaper and more effective than remarketing so its something that should be in your must have arsenal.

We of course recommend GrooveJar  (in full disclosure it’s a sister company) to help you build your list. With GrooveJar and a few lines of code you can easily add an exit intent pop up offering a coupon in exchange for their email address.

So get started creating those emails. Use them now while the fourth quarter is heating up and then figure out a way to make email marketing a solid part of 2016’s outreach strategy. You won’t regret it… we promise. It’s one of the least expensive way to see immediate results.