Door hangers

Door hangers often seem ineffective to folks that are so used to doing all of their marketing online. I personally throw every one of them in the trash. But a lot of service businesses still leave them on our door steps.

So it made me wonder what’s wrong with the traditional door hanger, and what we can do to improve them?


Problem #1: How can I trust this company?

95% of all the door hangers I get all look the same and are from somebody I never heard of. I don’t know if you’re gonna do a good job, or if I can even trust you in my home.

If I am interested, I’ll probably look up a cleaning company on Yelp because I can at least see what kind of reviews they have.

How to fix this:

One clever trick I have seen very few companies use on their hangers is that they clearly say on the front:

We just cleaned your neighbor’s house and thought you’d like to hear about our services

That instantly made me think that I can trust them if my neighbor’s been using them. But I still end up throwing these in the trash…

Problem #2: A pretty flyer isn’t enough for me to want to hire you

Who loves pizza?!?!

I KNOW I DO 🙂 and I make sure to save those coupons they leave on my door or stick on my pizza box.

Those coupons make me wanna order Papa John’s when I’m too lazy to cook, or wanna have my cheat day on the weekend.

So I make sure I use those discount codes when I call in my order. Sometimes they even have deals that are for “online orders only”. It’s all good because I don’t mind ordering online if it’s gonna save me some extra dough.

How to fix this:

Leave a spot on your door hangers and flyers for a discount code. That way you can write the discount codes on them or print out stickers and put ‘em in that empty spot.

So when you leave your door hanger it says:

We just cleaned your neighbor’s house and thought you’d like to hear about our services

Use this discount code to save 10% on your first cleaning!!!

You can even give out a special discount code that says: “Book online and get 15% off: Online15” if you want to make sure you aren’t flooded with phone calls…

You can literally steal all of Papa John’s ideas and apply them to your own business 😀 :

  • “25% off when you book on certain days”
  • Get a Free Fridge Cleaning with your first cleaning
  • Save 20% off when you book a weekly cleaning

Problem #3: I gotta call or email you to book an appointment

This one is straight forward.

So many companies make the main ‘call to action’ on these flyers “Call 555-555-5555” or “Email us at:”.

Nevermind the fact a lot of them use a Gmail address as their business email, they’re basically not even sending them to their website to book online.

If you’re out on a job or if they get your flyer after a long day of work when you’re not at the office, you may have missed out on a new customer.

How to fix this:

Make your website URL the main focus on your door hangers and flyers instead of your phone number or email address.

Also ask them to BOOK NOW.

Bonus Tip: How to really get the neighbors talking

You’ve seen how name-dropping the neighbor and offering a discount can make Sally from next-door trust you more and want to book a job with you.

To sweeten the pot even more, you could use a customer referral engine like the one Launch27 offers and say:

Enter the referral code from this flyer to save $20 on yourfirst cleaning and help your neighbor earn $20 towards their next cleaning!


If you’re going to spend money on door hangers and flyers, you might as well try to get the most out of them.

Incorporate all of these steps and you’ll have much better luck ending up on the fridge instead of in the trash.