High-converting ads

The verdict is still out whether Facebook ads work for local services but as Facebook focuses more and more on them, testing them out could be a major win for your company, especially before the masses start using them and drive up the cost per click.

Let’s start with the Facebook ad basics.

To create an ad, you will need a Facebook Fanpage. The basics of creating and optimizing your fanpage are discussed here, however, creating one is necessary to open your ad account.

Once you have your ad account created, you can use business manager to set up your first ad (I also like AdEspresso to create and manage my ads). Because this isn’t about targeting, we won’t go into that here, but make sure your targeting matches your ad.

Then, build your ad.

A fellow Launch27 user shared with us the formula for building high converting ads.

Note* He also uses this formula with his Adword campaigns.

8 Components of High Converting Local Cleaning Business Ads

1) Put your city or town name is in the ad

ie. Seattle House Cleaning or Las Vegas House Cleaning

2) Your offer– Free Consultation/Free Quote/Free Initial Clean 

Keep commitment low and offer something enticing.

3) Call to action

Can be as simple as “Book now” or “Free Consultation Contact Us Today!” or “Watch This Free Video”

4) Add their benefits in the ad –> What’s in it for them? Why should they call?

Ex: You Pay Us NOTHING Unless We Get You A Clean Home.
Ex: 100% Guarantee
Ex: We’ve Saved Our Clients Over ……!

5) (OPTIONAL) Attention Grabbers & Using CAPS In Your Ads

Ex: House Cleaning ALERT 
Ex: The TRUTH About ________ – Watch This Free Video

6) (OPTIONAL) Questions

Ex: RENO – Want To Avoid Foreclosure?
Ex: Want To AVOID Bankruptcy?

7) Dynamic Keyword Insertion

{KeyWord: House Cleaning Dallas} Inserts Your Keyword Into The Ad

8) Split-Test Switching The Lines Around.

Ex:description line 2 becomes description line 1 (flip it around)


Have any tips? Going to test this ad? Let us know how your ad performs.