Chat hacks to get more cleaning bookings

Being available to your customers at all times can mean the difference in closing the deal and losing a potential customer. Chat is one of the best ways to make yourself available when your customer needs you.

But just having chat isn’t enough to sway conversion in your favor. Here are four hacks that you can use to optimize your chat to close more deals.

1. A friendly face

a friendly face on chat app for cleaning bookings

Not just having the chat button and instead having a welcoming and friendly face can go a long way in getting customers to feel comfortable enough to click the button and make contact. Adding a picture also helps with the overall trust of your site so putting it on your chat widget accomplishes two goals and makes conversion that much easier.

 2. Proactive chat

proactive chat for cleaning bookings

Ask your visitors if they need help. Don’t wait for them to ping you or even worse… leave without their query addressed. Reminding them that you are available to ask questions makes them less likely to leave when they know their question can be answered immediately with the click of a button

One technique I use is to ask if I can help book an appointment. You can insert any action you want them to take, but asking them if they want help with the main objective you want them to take usually gets them to answer in the affirmative which starts the conversation and leads to a sale.

Just reminding them you are there may not be enough to get them to book. Asking them if you can assist them in booking points them in the direction you want them to take.

 3. 24/7 availability (or as close to possible)

Always being available should be your goal. Many chat apps allow you to set your availability and direct chats to your phone. Considering many people book after work, answering when your office may be closed can net you appointments that others may pass up on because their offices are open from 9am to 5pm.

4. Email capture

Capturing the emails of your visitors can help you market to them if they don’t book. It can also help you reach them if you miss them or if you get disconnected. Requiring an email before you begin chat is fairly commonplace now and you can let them know that you will email a transcript or coupon code or something similar to make them feel comfortable leaving their email.

So ready to add chat to your site? Here are four chat apps we use and love.

This one is probably the most common as it is free, easy to use and has a number of features that makes it pretty robust. If you are looking for an easy way to get started, Tawk has all the features you need to run your chat effectively. chat app screenshot for cleaning bookings

Snap Engage

It’s more expensive than Tawk but allows you to capture email and is slightly more feature-rich. You can integrate it with your CRM solution and its mobile app is friendly so that you can answer chats wherever you are.

Snap Engage chat app for cleaning bookings


If you are looking to pull out the big guns or are a larger business with serious volume, Intercom  may be a good solution for you. It combines chat with a support desk that allows you to run customer support from wherever your business is. It’s more pricey than other options and typically used by Saas companies, but allows you to structure your support easily which is important especially if you are a larger company. chat screenshot


This is my newest favorite chat software. If you are like me, you probably live in Slack. This chat software allows your inquiries to be sent and answered from Slack. It also allows you to set up bots and knowledge bases to help answer questions if you are unavailable and it enables you to capture email addresses. Lastly, if you have multiple businesses like I do, you can create up to 5 chat widgets in one account, and manage them all from one place.

Slaask chat app screenshot for cleaning bookings

Thinking about trying chat on your website? Have other hacks that have worked for you to get more cleaning bookings? Share them with us!

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