How To Get More Business Reviews: 5 ways to ask for reviews across your social sites

Generally, you won’t get reviews unless your customer has had an incredibly wonderful experience or a completely terrible experience. Usually and unfortunately the latter experiences are the ones that resonate with potential customers that are reading your reviews… in fact, more people are willing to share a bad experience than they are a good one.

So to combat a few bad apples, you can’t just expect or hope that your satisfied, recurring customers will give you positive reviews… you need to ask. While you should get reviews on all of your social sites, when asking for a review give the potential customer one place you would like them to review (so they don’t get overwhelmed and don’t act at all). This place can change depending on your focus for that month but building out one profile at a time can help grow each page.

1. When a Client Tells You How Much They Loved Your Service.

Whether it’s through email or in person, if someone tells you about the great experience they had with your business, don’t just thank them, ask them to leave a review. Asking them while they are still basking in the glow of good service will usually get them to act immediately.

If you have your thank you script prepared (in your mind of course) you won’t get stuck when the time comes and you will have much more success when it comes to asking for and receiving reviews. For example, don’t give them a laundry list of where they can leave reviews; pick one place and request that they leave a personalized and detailed review of their service.

Write a Review card isolated on white background

2. In Your Email Process

After you have finished the job, not only should you ask them for a rating, but also ask them for a review. Again, choose one place you would like to focus on (Yelp, Facebook, Google etc.) and request that they take a few seconds to review the service online. If you haven’t taken advantage of setting up or utilizing the full power of Google My Business, make it a priority.

Make it easy for them as well. Add the link and make it as simple as click and review. You can also keep your review links in your signature. That way whenever anybody receives communication from you, they will be reminded to add a review of your service.

3. When Someone Refers You

When someone refers a client to you, it means they are happy. In addition to saying thanks for the referral, ask them to go a step further and provide you with a review.

4. When You Just Completed a Job

Don’t wait until the follow-up email. Leave material behind telling them how they can leave a review for your great service. Make sure the material is branded and looks as great as the service you just provided them.

portrait of female cleaner in uniform with mop and cleaning equipment

portrait of female cleaner in uniform with mop and cleaning equipment

5. How To Get More Business Reviews When You Are On Facebook

Facebook’s local search greatly impacts local businesses. If you haven’t yet begun to build your Facebook Fan Page with reviews and content, now is the time.

On Facebook, you can post your request for reviews or even comment and tag those that leave comments on your page. Also, if personal messaging is your style, there is that too.

Screenshot 2016-01-09 23.35.37

So don’t just hope great reviews happen. Make them happen if you want to see growth.

Ready to make reviews a priority? Add them to your list of ways to create future growth.