Local Service Business Podcast – Episode 2 Summary

In this episode of the Local Service Business Podcast, we chatted with Brian Crocker founder of That’s Clean Maids. In this podcast he talks to us about how he immediately scaled his business after he quit his full-time job. He also gives us some great tips for those struggling, those just starting and those looking to scale.

That’s Clean Maids is based out of Houston, TX.

Brian speaks about how his cleaning business had to make transitions during the Hurricane Harvey flood in 2017. His experiences have provided a lot of guidance to help him handle certain kind of situations.

Brian wanted to start an online business and knew that a cleaning company was a low barrier to entry. He was trying to find a way to automate his business and stumbled across Launch27. He saw the online booking capabilities and was hooked and excited to start the business.

Listen to the full episode here.