It takes smarts to run a cleaning business and, yes, cleaning company software really can make you smarter!

Running a business is all about making decisions, and smart decisions require time, energy, and data. When your day is dominated by the mundane tasks and details of running a cleaning company, such as scheduling, pricing, and payments, it can be difficult to prioritize strategic planning and decision-making.

A good cleaning company software can streamline all these odds and ends into a seamless system that works for you. This frees up your time and energy and giving you access to organized data about your cleaning business. So, you can focus on big-picture thinking and growing your business. Read on for the kind of success story we see over and over at Launch27.

A “Fiction Based on True Stories” example

When Annie launched her own cleaning company, she had a vision: She wanted the flexibility and freedom to set her own hours. Now she can spend more time with her young children. She wants to create opportunities for other mothers to do the same.

Mama Bear Cleaners started out as a team of three: Annie and two other young mothers who shared her attention to detail and passion for customer service. However, Annie was quickly bogged down by details. She was so busy fielding text messages, juggling spreadsheets, and chasing down payments that she had no time to grow her business or focus on the future.

The hero meets a digital guide

Desperate for a solution, Annie invested in Launch27, a cleaning company software. Within days, the most stressful details of her job disappeared:
All bookings and schedule changes came through her streamlined software system rather than a string of text messages on her phone.
The cleaning company software calculated rates for her based on her custom pricing model. Also, it collected payments via automated messages and online payments. She no longer had to process every payment herself.

Her employees could log in at any time to access their schedules instead of having to call or text Annie with questions.

Once she started using a cleaning company software, Annie had more time and freedom to focus on growing her cleaning business. And thanks to Launch27’s client feedback feature, she had a steady stream of testimonials and suggestions to use for marketing and strategic planning.

Rescued time frees Annie to rescue fellow moms

Annie quickly noticed a pattern: Most of her clients were mothers who loved being able to hire other mothers to clean their houses. Many of them confessed to feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to “do it all”: work, raise children, and keep the house clean. They felt comforted to know that their cleaners were fellow mothers who understood where they were coming from and came to their homes without judgment.

“Once we knew what was most important to our clients, we made it our mission to become a part of their family, someone they could really count on to keep their lives running smoothly. Without Launch27 handling all the details behind the scenes, I never would have been able to spot that pattern,” said Annie.

Once she identified fellow mothers as her target clients, she and her team put their heads together to brainstorm ways to maximize that strategy. They started keeping track of their customers’ birthdays and surprising them with coffee gift cards, flowers, and other treats to celebrate. They made sure to learn all their customers’ children’s names and ask after them regularly.

Business smarts lead to business growth

Her customers loved it. Annie and her team’s customer care strategies led to a steady flow of new work as their customers referred fellow moms. Annie used the analytics dashboards in her cleaning company software to see how much new staff she needed to hire, and the business kept growing.

“Having Launch27 really laid the groundwork for us to make smarter decisions and take Mama Bear Cleaners to the next level,” said Annie.

A dedicated cleaning company software gave Annie the tools she needed to get smarter about decisions. Now she is growing her business and fulfilling her vision of supporting mothers and her own family.

If you could free ten hours of time every week to focus on strategy and big decisions for your cleaning company, how would you use it?