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Crap… Someone Left Me a Bad Review, Now What??!!!

We have all been there. You are working hard on your business and a notification pops up. “You have a new review from Brian” You hold your breath and open the review. Usually you can count on it being 5 stars, but this particular review is 2 stars. TWO STARS… dang. While having a bad […]

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Why Flat-Rate Pricing Converts Better Than Hourly

I saw this in a cleaning group I am in. Someone couldn’t fathom paying a house cleaner $30 an hour. And honestly, (don’t stone me) I agree, house cleaning isn’t brain surgery after all. We all know how to push a vacuum cleaner around our house and its different than an electrician or computer repair […]

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Our Guide to Creating Photos and Commercials for Your Local Business

The photos on your website should communicate who you are. Whether you use stock, illustrated, or custom imagery the photos you use on your website can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Because photography is a large part of converting visitors into customers… getting it right shouldn’t be left to chance so we […]

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How I Increased My Recurring Revenue by 26% in One Month

Getting a new booking is an amazing euphoric feeling… but turning that new booking into a recurring client is even better. A recurring client means a person who already knows you, marketing dollars already spent, and a higher lifetime value for your business. A strong base of happy recurring clients is the difference between a […]

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5 Ways to Pay the People Who Work For You

One question that’s often asked when starting out is: How am I going to pay the people that work for me? Aside from collecting payments, paying your teams their dues for good work is the second most important thing when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly. To accomplish this, you need an easy […]

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4 Chat Hacks You Should be Using to Get More Bookings

Being available to your customers at all times can mean the difference in closing the deal and losing a potential customer. Chat is one of the best ways to make yourself available when your customer needs you. But just having chat isn’t enough to sway conversion in your favor. Here are four hacks that you can […]

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Using Extra Upsells to Increase Your Average Booking Price

The best type of customer is a person who is already in the process of completing a transaction with you. You don’t have to find them, you don’t have to convince them… you have them and their wallets are open. But that doesn’t mean you should just be happy with the sale. Getting the most […]

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How Online Booking killed the In-House Estimate

We tend to like all of our I’s dotted and T’s crossed when it comes to business. With local service businesses, that usually means knowing what you are getting into before taking on a job. And traditionally, that has worked. Cleaning companies over the past 100 years have done in-home estimates, worked the jobs and […]

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