We have designed Launch27 to be super easy to set up and use. No coding necessary. Here’s a quick demo of just a few key features.

How to Install the Booking Form on your cleaning service site

Shows how easy it is to add Launch27’s booking form to your cleaning service website.

How to Connect your Stripe account

Shows how to connect your Stripe account to Launch27.

What happens when a cleaning Appointment is Booked on your Website

Shows what happens when a customer books an appointment on your cleaning service website.

How to Assign Teams

This demo shows you how to assign Teams to bookings and send them their schedules in Launch27.

How to Charge Credit Cards with Stripe

Shows how to charge credit cards, use Stripe’s ‘auth and capture’ to hold/authorize
charges and how to refund credit card charges.

How to Pay Teams using Stripe Payments

Launch27 has simplified doing payroll down to a few clicks. By using Stripe’s Payments
feature, you can pay Teams by transferring funds from your Stripe account directly
to their bank account.

Customer logs in to Book a cleaning Appointment

See how easy it is for Customers to log in to Launch27 to book an appointment themselves without having to call or email you.