Launch27 Release Notes


We are constantly updating Launch27 at no additional cost for our customers. See the latest updates below.

April 2021

  • Charges – Performance Improvement for MerchantTrack Refunds
  • Bookings – Performance Improved for Authentication
  • Bookings – Improved UI for Active Booking Filters
  • Gift Cards – Improved Customer Experience Regarding Payment Method Notification
  • Active Bookings page – Calendar Range Updated and UI Page Enhanced
  • Customer Profile – Additional Customer Account Management for Launch27 Pay Enabled Clients

January 2021

  • Customer Profile – Reliable Storage and Display of Credit Card Information within Customer Profile
  • Email Notifications – Removed Duplicate Email Notification Sends for Team Scheduling and Booking Cancellations
  • Booking Modifications – Improved User Experience During Confirmation of Booking Changes
  • Charges – Fixed Occasional Declining of Valid Credit Cards During Bulk Charges
  • Gift Cards – Improved Balance Calculation when Applying Gift Card Code to Future Bookings

November 2020

  • Add/Edit Booking – Allow Staff Roles to Edit/Create Customer Bookings
  • Add/Edit Booking – Send Single Confirmation Email to Customer when Changing a Recurring Booking
  • Automated Tasks – Allow Launch27 Pay Clients to Release Uncharged Authorizations Automatically
  • Automated Tasks – Prevent Duplicate Authorizations if Manually Authorized before Task Runs
  • Booking Form – Allow Form to Load with Current Safari Browser Revision
  • Booking Form – Allow User to Resolve Email Validation Errors
  • Booking Settings – Realign Credit Card Payment Option Text for Stripe Enabled Clients
  • Charges – Adjust UI for Refund Option with Launch27 Pay Enabled Clients
  • Charges – Allow Launch27 Pay Clients to Reduce Cancellation Fees
  • Charges – Consistently Display Send Email Option for Transitioning Clients (from Stripe to Launch27 Pay)
  • Charges – Display Correct Refund (Allowed) Amount After Price Adjustment
  • Charges – Display Paypal Bookings the Same Way as Cash/Check
  • Charges – Update Label for Send Email Option with Launch27 Pay Enabled Clients
  • Email Templates – Complete Integration for Launch27 Pay Enabled Clients
  • General Settings – Allow Clients to Upload Logos Up to 2MB in Size
  • Gift Cards – Allow Launch27 Pay Clients to Issue Free Gift Cards
  • Gift Cards – Remove Stripe Error Warning for Launch27 Pay Enabled Clients
  • Payment Method – Allow Stripe Clients to Use Indian Currency Option

October 2020

  • Additional Launch27 Pay Features
  • Booking Download – Add Cancellation Fees
  • Booking Download – Add Payment Gateway and Transaction ID
  • Booking Form – Allow Promotional Link to Prefill Data
  • Booking Form – Remove Credit Card Disclaimer for Cash/Check Bookings
  • Charge Customers – Apply Correct Frequency Discount for Recurring Bookings that are Updated
  • Customer Profile – Correct Frequency Label for Recurring Bookings that are Updated
  • Email – Send Single Notification When Cancelling a Recurring Booking Series
  • MerchantTrack Integration – Adjust SSO Based on Available Contact Details
  • Quote Form – Allow Quote Data to Prefill the Booking Form
  • Quote Form – Allow Quotes to Process without a Credit Card on File
  • Themestreet Integration – Allow Slider Data to Prefill the Booking Form

September 2020

  • Additional Launch27 Pay Features 
  • Customer Profile – Re-enable Stripe Clients to Add Credit Cards

August 2020

  • Initial Launch27 Pay Integration
  • MerchantTrack Integration – Enable Single Sign On
  • System – Database Upgrade

July 2020

  • Quickbooks Integration – Update Authorization Screen

  • Zapier Integration – Allow Cancellation Fees to Report Out