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Are you a startup or still managing your business on pen and paper? It’s time to experience the future of service management with Launch27. Save time, reduce manual effort, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations with our powerful automated platform. Schedule a call to start your journey with us today!

What New Entrepreneurs are Saying

 “From where I’m standing, no other software offers what L27 does for the same price. I can’t imagine a business without Launch27. I would highly recommend anyone going into the cleaning industy to start with Launch27 before choosing anything else.”

Lawrence B. Owner of Blue Spruce Endeavors

“Being a one-woman show for the time being, this has transformed my operations capabilities immensly! I am virtually able to keep everything organized, and it even helps me remember things that I forgot. Highly recommend!”

Jennifer T. Owner of TexSis Cleaning

“Launch27 is really ahead of its time. I have researched every cleaning related software on the market and choose L27 because it’s awesome. It has totally revolutionized our business and put our business on autopilot. Highly recommened to new operations!”

Southerland Environmental Solutions

Feature-rich and Tailored for Startups: Discover the Power of Launch27

Launch27 offers a suite of features designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Our streamlined tools are designed to give your cleaning venture an extra edge in the market.

Instant Online Booking

Dive into the market headfirst with a seamless booking system. Simplify the process for your clients and get appointments faster.

Automated Messaging

Every opportinuty counts. Stay in sync with automated confirmations and reminders, making sure you never miss a beat.

Flexible Pricing Options

Find what’s best for your audience, whether it’s room-based, square-footage, or a custom model. Launch27 adapts to your pricing strategy. Save time and impress clients with the Quick Pricing Calculator. Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations for every quote.

Real-time Feedback System

Boost your reputation with an influx of 5-star reviews while minimizing negative feedback. Watch as your satisfied customer base explodes, driving growth and success.

Time Saving Utilities

Maximize efficiency in your operations with our comprehensive suite of tools. From self-input scheduling to a unified calendar view, we ensure every moment counts in your startup journey. Some powerful features include our scheduler, payment processing, and payroll calculator options

“Online booking features are second to none! Online payments and automated emails/texts really make for an impressive and efficient process! L27 delivers a self-serve model where the customer is in control. Our customer enjoy ease of use, booking online, rescheduling or cancelling if necessary.” Tony L. Owner of Carpet Care and Co.

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