Yelp’s Filter

Yesterday during our weekly Groove Learning call (which you should definitely be a part of), one of the golden tidbits that came out of it was getting past Yelp’s Review Filter.

In a previous post we spoke about how almost 75% of Maids in Black’s new business comes from Yelp and likewise if you are a local business, for better or worse Yelp is basically your lifeline. There are over 80 million monthly views on Yelp and almost 70% of people say online reviews influence their buying decisions. Add to the fact that a one star increase in Yelp ratings has shown to lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue and figuring out Yelp and its review system should be priority number 1.

Unfortunately, Yelp’s filter has been notorious for making your hard earned reviews disappear. In an attempt to combat fake reviews the filter has shown to remove legitimate reviews as well. So yesterday when Rohan shared his pro tip for making reviews stick, I thought I would write a post here and share…

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Rohan’s Pro Tip

“We had a ton of reviews disappear at first as well so I did some digging. I found that if your reviews come via a Yelp Deal, they are far less likely to disappear. I can’t say for certain, but I am guessing that this is because if a customer purchases a Yelp Deal and then comes and reviews your service, Yelp has an easier way of verifying that the service actually happened.”

What’s a Yelp Deal?


A Yelp Deal is a prepaid voucher that gives potential customers a discount as a way to incentivize people on your Yelp page to book with you. With hundreds of options in your location, the Yelp Deal’s goal is to turn that visitor into a customer.

How to set up your Yelp Deal…

If you have a business account (which you should) log in. Go to the Yelp Deals section to create your deal.

  1. Click create a deal, choose your price and other options.
  2. Make sure you then set up your terms and read Yelp’s Terms (they take 30% of each service you sell).
  3. Once you post the deal it’s up and available for purchase until you remove it. There is no upfront payment and it’s pretty easy to create.

You can watch Yelp’s video on how to create a deal below.

Other ways to get your reviews to stick

If you don’t want to go the deal route, you will most likely see reviews from people who are active users of Yelp (not just people who sign up to review just your business). Encourage active Yelpers to review you.

Interact with reviewers both negative and positive. Mark helpful reviews as “useful” or “cool” and use Yelp’s tools to reward customers who check in which will ideally help Yelp’s filter understand that these are legitimate and valuable reviews.

Have any other Yelp tips? Would love to hear them… and by the way, if you aren’t apart of Groove Learning yet, you definitely should be.

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