Launch27 Version 2 Announcement

by Dara King

So everyone is asking… what is new in V2?

The short answer is everything… but let’s dig deeper into the details.

This new platform is the culmination of 3 years of experience, listening to our customers and the industry as well as a year of development work. Our first platform made a lot of people a ton of money and our second platform is designed to take everything amazing about the first Launch27 and to address the needs of a fast growing industry.

Here is a look into what we are building…

Let’s start at the beginning.


Getting set up is easier than ever. Not only for you as you begin to switch on to the new platform, but also for your teams. We knew it was important for teams to have an easier onboarding experience because the faster they get into the system, the faster they can get to work.

The same with customers. Our goal is to make the booking process easy for customers so we have completely revamped their onboarding to make creating an account a breeze.

Key onboarding features:
  • Facebook and Google account creation/ log in
  • Intuitive walk through
  • Important information gathered during onboarding to make set up easier



You are no longer restricted to preset roles for admins, staff and teams. You can now use our default roles, customize the default roles or create and save your own roles. If you need to give access to charges to your team lead, you can add that to their role or if you need certain staff members to clock in and out, you can grant them access to the time clock. You can create general roles or you can customize roles for each person in yourorganization.

Some default roles include:
  • Account owner
  • Staff
  • Team Lead
  • Team member
  • Accountant (access to charges and reports)
  • Developer (access to booking form codes and other development tasks)


Your dashboard got a complete revamp as well and now features all the information you need to know in a glance.

This includes:

Number of appointments for the day/ week/month

Revenue for the day/ week/month

List of appointments

List of activity

Any messages

The customer and team portals also have a different look. They are easier to navigate and have all the information your teams and customers need to accomplish their tasks.



You now have access to even more data about customers, employees and also now have access to your leads.


If a customer calls for a quote or fills out a form on your website but doesn’t book, they can now be saved as leads and you can email them your quote.


On the customer tab you have all the data needed to make smarter decisions. This includes overall rating, revenue, preferred teams and other useful stats. You can also block and message customers right from their profile. You can set which specific notifications they receive (don’t want a recurring customer to receive the rating email every appointment? This is where you would customize that).


Just like customers, you now have access to data to help your business run smoothly. This includes overall rating, revenue, recurring appointments and other useful stats.


Messages from your employees and customers from their web app or mobile app now come directly to your web app. Messaging is real-time and certain messages/ notifications can be sent to clients as text messages.



The new scheduler is even smarter. With the new scheduler, you can book appointments from anywhere in the app easily. When you book from the calendar, you can click an open spot and book straight from there. You can also filter any of our new calendar views by location, service, team and date when scheduling. The booking form now takes into account duration, buffer times, team ratings, preferred and blocked teams, distance to appointments and other useful information so you can make the best decision quickly when scheduling.

You now have 3 different views for scheduling:
  • Traditional redesigned calendar view
  • List view
  • Booking spots view (immediately see what spots you have available)
  • Team view (see what a specific team member has available)

You can also book events. Events are anything you need to schedule that don’t count as a booking. This can include recleans, team meetings, customer estimates and more.

Work Diary

Your work diary shows all jobs in progress. You can see your team’s location, check them in and out, view their checklist and pictures.


One of the most exciting things about the new Launch27 is the almost infinite number of reports you now have access to. Segment to the smallest data point and even benchmark yourself (anonymously) against other Launch27 businesses.

A few reports
  • Total sales –
  • Total sales by booking type
  • Total sales by services
  • Total sales by source
  • Recurring sales
  • New bookings
  • Booking form conversion
  • Total visitors vs. booking
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Total sales per customer
  • Churn
  • Team ratings
  • Team Duration of job vs. time spent
  • Team Cancellations of customers
  • Team Conversion of one time to recurring
  • Recleans by team
  • Payment calculations


The mobile app is also revamped. Changes include complete integration with the web app, text messages to customers, easier booking form, social login and iPad support.

Payment Gateways

We will have Stripe as a payment gateway as default however you will be able to choose from a number of other gateways to process your payments.


The new version also has an app store that the Launch27 team has been building apps for. These include marketing, utility, and productivity apps to help extend your Launch27 account. You will be able to seamlessly install them with one click.

These apps are specifically designed to give you an even bigger advantage over non- Launch27 businesses.

Launch Date

This is a short list of all the new features that will be in version 2 of Launch27. Other things like flexible discount codes, extensive setting controls, control over emails and notifications, new booking forms and themes, and complete integration with the new mobile app are also going to be included.

We don’t have an exact launch date, however we expect to be in the testing phase in December with a select number of businesses. Hopefully this gives you a roadmap to the future of Launch27. We will keep you updated with videos and other insights as launch date nears.

Let us know if you have any questions that we can answer!

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