You don’t have to spend a lot of money to grow your cleaning company. There are many inexpensive—and free!—marketing strategies you can use to attract more customers.

Make it easy for your current customers to do your marketing for you

There’s a reason why big and small companies put so much energy into getting reviews from their customers: Consumers trust other consumers. A happy customer is your most valuable marketing outlet. Thankfully, there are many different ways to take advantage of your current customer base to grow your cleaning company.

  • Solicit testimonials and reviews. Gather feedback from your customers on a regular basis so you can share the best ones on your website and social media.
  • Always ask for referrals. Give your customers a discount or other perk every time they refer a friend to your cleaning company.
  • Offer gift cards. Who doesn’t love the gift of a clean home? Make sure your customers know they can buy cleaning service gift cards for their friends and family. A gift card recipient who loves your work could easily turn into a customer.

Grow your cleaning company via your team members

One of the advantages of a cleaning company is that your team is out in the public all the time. This means it’s pretty easy to get a lot of eyes on your brand. Here are two examples:

  • Cars. Every time a member of your team is at someone’s home for cleaning, their vehicle is parked in the driveway or the street, visible to neighbors and passersby who may be looking for a good cleaning company. Add a magnet or decal to the bumper or back windshield to ensure that you stay top of mind for just a few dollars.
  • Team members. Cleaning professionals are always on the go: carrying supplies between the car and the home, stopping for a coffee on the way home from an appointment, and more. If they’re wearing a shirt with your logo and website, they’re naturally spreading the word about your cleaning company without having to think about it. And you’re not limited to shapeless cuts or itchy fabrics. There are endless options for comfortable and flattering custom t-shirts at a good price, so you can pick something your team will be happy to wear.

If you’re feeling daring, opt for a memorable color. Brand names don’t always stick in people’s minds right away, but no one is likely to forget a bright purple t-shirt or someone like “Liter Laney!”

“Tap to tidy!” and other ways to have fun on social media

Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are full of content focused on cleaning, organizing, and tidying. People find great satisfaction in this type of content, and since you’re naturally creating it all the time, why not take advantage? Post before-and-after photos (get permission from your customers first, of course) and share your favorite cleaning tips. You could even post short videos of your team members introducing themselves.

Another fun example is the “tap to tidy!” trend on Instagram. Take a photo of a space—this can be as simple as a bathroom mirror or a whole room—before and after it’s been cleaned, from the exact same angle. Post the first photo to your cleaning company’s Instagram Stories and add a sticker or text box that reads “tap to clean!” Then post the second photo. Your followers get the vicarious satisfaction of seeing a sparkling clean space—and will be impressed by your service.

Spread the word about your cleaning company the old-fashioned way

Yes, a lot of business happens on the internet, but you can still count on ink and paper to spread the word and grow your cleaning company. A great strategy is to create a highly discounted first-time offer for the first clean, and hit the streets. Flyers and door hangers are inexpensive to create. And you can distribute them yourself or hire a friendly college student (or even your own teenage kids) to walk around the neighborhood and stuff mailboxes. If a particular neighborhood prohibits soliciting, send your flyers through the mail instead. This costs a little more, but breaking into the right neighborhood, could make it a sound investment.

So, with a little creativity, you can execute a highly effective marketing strategy for your cleaning company without having to spend a lot of money.