Automating Your Bookings

As you know, Maids in Black grew incredibly fast. In fact, in a matter of 5 months Rohan took his business from $0 in revenue to $30,000 using a variety of tactics. It’s difficult to grow your business without automation. Obviously, automation saves you from a lot of wasted time and effort. The real secret is what it saves you for.

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In this podcast with Mike Campion of Grow My Cleaning Company, Rohan talks about how he leveraged the power of 100 bloggers to secure mentions, build backlinks and ultimately impact his SEO that is still responsible for the majority of his appointments today.

If you want to learn the tactics Rohan used, watch the webinar below!

Mike Campion of Grow My Cleaning Company is offering a special FREE Masterclass that will give you access to resources and a group that will help you build your cleaning empire!

Free SEO Audit

In addition to learning from Rohan and Mike Campion, we’d also like to share a link to a resource for a FREE SEO Audit. The audit will process your pages with a high-speed crawler and give you actionable solutions to fix your website’s issues.