Utilizing Airbnb to Get Cleaning Business

As a local service business, Airbnb and other vacation rentals should be on your radar in order to generate more cleaning business. Individual hosts may not be accounts that are worth your time (unless they are high-end whole home rentals). However, being able to regularly clean for property managers that have a good turn over and want to take a business first, hands off approach on getting their property cleaned can be an excellent source of recurring business for you.

When speaking to potential customers, remember that Airbnb is a business for them much like your cleaning service is a business for you. Remember that because this will be a transactional relationship, you will need to impress upon them how much value you can bring to them as a business owner and how your service will increase their bottom line.

Speak to things like:

1. Their guests’ satisfaction

Help them understand how your service will lead to higher guest satisfaction which in turn will lead to better reviews. Explain how a standardized clean and leaving the home exactly as the host requests it (or as seen in the listing’s pictures) will help with expectations and will reduce negative reviews.


2. Less demand on their time

Time is valuable for all people. When offering your services, don’t just explain how they will not have to clean any more, explain how they can book you quickly and easily and how you can save them on time with cleaning and managing your services.

3. Talk about technology

Use the Launch27 mobile app as a selling point for your services. Now they can book you easily from their phone and also see when you are on your way to the property and have finished cleaning, so they know you have prepared everything for their guests.

Once you have your selling points, here is how you reach owners.

Create a landing page

If you want to attract potential property managers and good SEO juice, creating a landing page dedicated to cleaning on-demand vacation rental properties can help you land clients. Whether they find you organically and you add a lead capture form to gather their contact information or you direct them to that page after your initial conversation, a well designed page that helps property owners see the value in your service can help you close deals. Here’s a good airbnb cleaning company website example.

airbnb cleaning service website

Email property owners

Gather a list of property owners to message (until your account gets flagged) or find their email addresses and set up a time to speak to them about how you can help them with their business.

Have a referral program

Just like we as cleaning owners congregate in our industry specific groups, hosts do as well. Reserve discounts and incentives for referrals (instead of just booking) and encourage them to help you service other property owners.


While Airbnb may not be a great source of referrals for everyone, testing it in your area may yield great results. Let us know how it works for you.