6 Things Your Cleaning Business Should Be Doing Right Now for the Holiday Season

by Dara King

6 Things Your Cleaning Business Should Be Doing Right Now for the Holiday Season

This can be your favorite time of the year (hello extra money), or the worst time of the year if you aren’t prepared. Whether you are a veteran in this business or it’s your first holiday season, brace yourself… it’s going to be a crazy few weeks.

To minimize the hectic-ness that is quickly approaching, you need to get these six things done immediately.

1. Block off the dates you will be closed and reschedule recurring customers

You don’t want to run the risk of someone’s regular date falling on Thanksgiving. Make sure to reschedule them in advance so that they get the service they need and that you aren’t overwhelming your staff with last minute reschedules. Also, block off days you would like your business to be closed (i.e. Black Friday) and extend hours on days you plan to be open later.

2. Build your systems

This is not the time to be trying to figure out what to do. Have your systems written down so when the unexpected pops up, you or anyone on your staff knows protocol.

If you aren’t using a digital system to schedule, assign and charge cards, now is the perfect time to get one. More manual work means more things can slip through the cracks and adding a system will not only get you through the busy holiday season, but it will also set you up to have a bigger and more efficient 2019.

We of course recommend Launch27 which you can pair with many other tools you currently use to help you address all of your business needs.

This doesn’t just go for you, train your staff on the mobile app so you know when they check in and out and can give your customers informed answers and take a look (or write) your terms and conditions. This is not the time to have to argue your case with your customers. Make your T&Cs clear so that if a problem does arise, you have documentation as to why you are taking the actions you need to take.

3. Set up your gift cards and booking form

You don’t want to miss a single opportunity for business. Someone may need a cleaning before a Christmas party and it’s too late to call so they book online. Another customer may need to get a last minute gift and they want to be able to easily purchase a gift card online.

Make sure your website is optimized to sell gift cards and to book online. Adjust your hours, add your holiday timing and even add fun touches.

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4. Hire more staff

The holiday season is not the time to be short staffed. People will leave, you will have more customers to service and you need reliable workers who are fully trained and ready to work. Of course it’s always important to hire, but you don’t want to hire a full new team December 1st.

Start hiring and training now (really three weeks ago). This doesn’t just go for cleaners (or whatever you service)… you may want to bring on a virtual assistant to do tasks you may not have time to get to or to keep later hours than you normally keep.

5. Write your holiday emails

Craft your holiday emails now. The last thing you want to do is to have to come up with content the night before it should go out (or even worse, not send emails to your customers at all).

And don’t just send out holiday discounts, you don’t want to train your customers to only care about you when you have sales. Send out tips, good cheer and notices about holiday hours. Keep your customer in mind and they will think of you when they need service.

6. Prepare for the end of holiday slump

All good things come to an end however, make the most of your busy season. Convert new customers to existing customers. Offer them a new year recurring plan, use retargeting and make sure to send regular (helpful) emails.

Create some new marketing initiatives to combat the slower season or use some of the extra holiday cash to run contests or add a new service. Whatever you decide, don’t slow your progress just because the season has slowed. Spring is right around the corner and business will pick up again!

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