How Online Booking killed the In-House Estimate

We tend to like all of our I’s dotted and T’s crossed when it comes to business. With local service businesses, that usually means knowing what you are getting into before taking on a job. And traditionally, that has worked. Cleaning companies over the past 100 years have done in-home estimates, worked the jobs and […]

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How to Create Door Hangers that Convert

Door hangers often seem ineffective to folks that are so used to doing all of their marketing online. I personally throw every one of them in the trash. But a lot of service businesses still leave them on our door steps. So it made me wonder what’s wrong with the traditional door hanger, and what […]

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3 Reasons You Should Background Check Your Workers

Background checks are one of the things you will be constantly doing through out the life of your business. While you may feel that background checks are at face value a way to find the criminal history (or preferably lack there of) of a potential hire, background checks can serve as much more than just […]

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What’s New – Fall 2016 Release

Here is a brief list of what we recently updated/added in the new release. Multi-Location – Allows you to create different service locations based on zip/postal code. Here is an Overview on Multi-Locations. Detailed Logs of every email notification sent out by the system – You can now view a log of all emails and […]

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We are going to ARCSI!

So, last week we announced that we would be presenting at ARCSI. ARCSI is a cleaning conference held every year that introduces cleaning professionals to new vendors, has training for different certification processes and is a great place to network. Rohan has attended ARCSI faithfully, but this year will be the first year Launch27 will […]

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Why I Only Accept Credit Cards

This post is written as part of the Local Case Study Series. To Follow the Series, visit this link. One of my first jobs asked me if I accepted check and even though I heard Rohan’s voice in my head telling me to “stick to the script” (meaning NO! we only accept credit cards), the […]

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